Mission Name From West to East
Number 3-9-2
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The Lifestream of Reisenjima Good Things Come in Threes


  • Defeat 11 Obstreperous Panopts without zoning.
    • Zoning resets your progress, however, zoning after you finish the 11 kills does not. You are safe to move on to the Etched Rock.
    • A message informs you how many remain after each kill.
    • Many spawns can be found around (F-11).
    • It is best to avoid caster-type Alter egos, because Obstreperous Panopts frequently enter an "absorb-all-elements" stance, denoted by the Panopt's eye turning green, and Alter egos wielding elemental magic will constantly heal them.
    • Ascended Panopt also counts.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Three of your allies have assembled on Reisenjima to help you see things to their conclusion: Gilgamesh, Aldo, and Tenzen. Work with them to vanquish eleven of the panopts befouling the natural order.
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