Mission Name From West to East
Number 3-9-2
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The Lifestream of Reisenjima Good Things Come in Threes
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  • Defeat 11 Obstreperous Panopts without zoning.
    • Zoning resets your progress, however, zoning after you finish the 11 kills does not. You are safe to move on to the Etched Rock.
    • A message informs you how many remain after each kill.
    • Many spawns can be found around (F-11).
      • Moving to the ??? in (E-11), it is an open space where you can pull a bit more safely, in case you dont have enough power to handle aggros.
    • It is best to avoid caster-type Alter egos, because Obstreperous Panopts frequently enter an "absorb-all-elements" stance, denoted by the Panopt's eye turning green, and Alter egos wielding elemental magic will constantly heal them.
    • Ascended Panopt also counts.
    • they level down for this mission (check VT low evasion to DC after pull)

Game Description

Mission Orders
Three of your allies have assembled on Reisenjima to help you see things to their conclusion: Gilgamesh, Aldo, and Tenzen. Work with them to vanquish eleven of the panopts befouling the natural order.