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Friese, Ambitious Industrialist
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657 - 698

First captain of the Gold Musketeers. Friese was born to a peasant family and became apprentice to a Galkan blacksmith at an early age.

At age 19, her work caught the attention of the chief of the Department of Industry, who set her to the task of helping plan the construction of Bastok’s windmills. This earned her great fame. During construction, she recorded her observations of the Quadav and approached the Department of Mining with her writings. Friese became acquainted with the department senator and was appointed as the captain of the newly formed Gold Musketeers.


In the year 684, the Musketeers struck mythril in the Palborough Mountains. Friese assumed command of the excavations in the following year, decimating the mountains’ Quadav inhabitants using a devastating weapon dubbed the “Dancing Flames.” The incident brought enormous wealth to Bastok, but created an eternal enemy in the Quadav.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 08

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