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Fragments are used in upgrading Relic Weapons from their fourth stage to the final form. They are dropped from Animated Weapon NMs in Dynamis - Xarcabard.

Spawning the Weapons - Killing the Weapons

"Spawning" the Animated Weapons

NMs are spawned by Trading an item to the correct ???, the mobs that drop the item will be near the relevant ???.
All NMs have a 15 minute time limit, after this time they will despawn.

Mobs Area Drop Use to spawn NM
 Satellite Hammers H-8  Heavenly Goad  Animated Hammer
 Satellite Staves H-8  Celestial Goad  Animated Staff
 Satellite Longswords H-8  Holy Goad  Animated Longsword
 Satellite Tabars G-9  Runaeic Goad  Animated Tabar
 Satellite Great Axes G-9  Seraphic Goad  Animated Great Axe
 Satellite Claymores H-8  Intricate Goad  Animated Claymore
 Satellite Spears G-8/9  Stellar Goad  Animated Spear
 Satellite Scythes G-8/9  Tenebrous Goad  Animated Scythe
 Satellite Kunai G-8  Demonic Goad  Animated Kunai
 Satellite Tachi G-8  Divine Goad  Animated Tachi
 Satellite Daggers H-8  Ornate Goad  Animated Dagger
 Satellite Knuckles H-8  Mystic Goad  Animated Knuckles
 Satellite Longbows E-7  Snarled Goad  Animated Longbow
 Satellite Guns E-8  Ethereal Goad  Animated Gun
 Satellite Horns H/I-8  Mysterial Goad  Animated Horn
 Satellite Shield H-9  Supernal Goad  Animated Shield

Killing the NMs

NM Loc Weaponskill Drops Weapon Type
 Animated Hammer Qmark  Randgrith  Heavenly Fragment  Club
 Animated Staff Qmark  Gate of Tartarus  Celestial Fragment  Staff
 Animated Longsword Qmark  Knights of Round  Holy Fragment  Sword
 Animated Tabar G-9  Onslaught  Runaeic Fragment  Axe
 Animated Great Axe Qmark  Metatron Torment  Seraphic Fragment  Great Axe
 Animated Claymore G-8  Scourge  Intricate Fragment  Great Sword
 Animated Spear G-8/9  Geirskogul  Stellar Fragment  Polearm
 Animated Scythe Qmark  Catastrophe  Tenebrous Fragment  Scythe
 Animated Kunai Qmark  Blade: Metsu  Demoniac Fragment  Katana
 Animated Tachi G-8  Tachi: Kaiten  Divine Fragment  Great Katana
 Animated Dagger H-8  Mercy Stroke  Ornate Fragment  Dagger
 Animated Knuckles H-8  Final Heaven  Mystic Fragment  Hand-to-Hand
 Animated Longbow E-7  Namas Arrow  Snarled Fragment  Bow
 Animated Gun Qmark  Coronach  Ethereal Fragment  Gun
 Animated Horn H/I-8  N/A  Mysterial Fragment  Horn
 Animated Shield H-9  N/A  Supernal Fragment  Shield
  • The Animated Weapons can use the Relic Weapon Skill of the type of weapon it is. This Weapon Skill has the potential to be very very damaging!Exclamation

  • The Animated Weapons will drop their corresponding Fragment 100% of the time.

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