Mission Name Fountain of Trouble
Number 9
Repeatable Yes
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Shantotto in Chains Battaru Royale

Composite map to Toraimarai Canal

Elemental Sap locations


Possible locations for the 8 elemental saps:

  • Please do not mix these positions together, it's a lot less confusing for some people separated. Read the discussion page for more info.

Sap Locations (Group 1): see lower picture for lightning's and fire's movement (on map 1 now!)

Sap Locations (Group 2):

Sap Locations (Alternative):

new locations

It seems that the saps switch between patterns when moving, meaning they don't all move randomly but rather in "groups". Please confirm or unconfirm this and add any new pattern you might find.

  • You can obtain these on the way down, and before checking the Moon Spiral. It is possible to receive all 8 saps before making it to Full Moon Fountain for the first time ever.
  • Check the Moon Spiral in Full Moon Fountain for a CS. If you do not yet have a Sap key item in your key items list, you will not receive a CS.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Original Shantotto has revealed that her corrupted counterpart concocts her plan for world domination from her Full Moon Fountain lair. In the defense of Vana'diel, make your way there without delay.