Mission Name Fork in the Road
Number 50
Items Needed KeyItemRonfaure Dawndrop
KeyItemSan d'Oria Dawndrop
KeyItemLa Vaule Dawndrop
KeyItemJugner Dawndrop
KeyItemBeaucedine Dawndrop
KeyItemXarcabard Dawndrop
KeyItemThrone Room Dawndrop
KeyItemWalk of Echoes Dawndrop
Reward KeyItemPrimal Glow
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Cait in the Woods Maiden of the Dusk


  • You must now collect eight dawndrops. They can be collected in any order.
  • After obtaining all the dawndrops, they will merge and become a KeyItemPrimal Glow.
  • Note: The next mission is to examine the conflux in Grauberg (S), so doing the Walk of Echoes dawndrop last will save you a trip.

Dawndrop Locations

The Glowing Spots can be found at the listed locations. Examine them for a cutscene and a dawndrop.

  • Each cutscene is a flashback to an earlier point in Wings of the Goddess Missions. The following items are ordered in chronological event by the original mission:
KeyItemSan d'Oria Dawndrop: Southern San d'Oria (S) - (K-6), near the Lion Springs Tavern entrance.
KeyItemLa Vaule Dawndrop: La Vaule (S) - lower right grid (K-9), next to a house. Nearest warp option is Jugner Forest (S) Survival Guide.
KeyItemJugner Dawndrop: Jugner Forest (S) - Mid grid line (H-6)(I-6), just across river below Lake Mechieume, near the stump.
KeyItemBeaucedine Dawndrop: Beaucedine Glacier (S) - (H-9), to the right as you exit the

slope to the south from the Campaign Arbiter.

KeyItemXarcabard Dawndrop: Xarcabard (S) - (F-8), next to the Rally Point: Red.
KeyItemThrone Room Dawndrop: Throne Room (S) - Center round area.
KeyItemWalk of Echoes Dawndrop: Walk of Echoes - After entering Walk of Echoes from Grauberg (S), the dawndrop is south from the conflux.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The future that was, and the future that might have been... In revisiting the paths you walked hand in hand with Lilisette and Cait Sith, you will acquire the power needed to fulfill the will of the Goddess.
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