Start NPC Nashmeira
Requirements Key ItemPaparoon's sealed invitation
Items Needed Tinnin's Fang
Sarameya's Hide
Tyger's Tail
Key ItemSerpentking Zahak relief
Repeatable Yes
Reward Start of quest:
Imperial Gold Piece
Mythic Weapon (Locked)
Key ItemSerpentking Zahak relief shard
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Duties, Tasks, and Deeds Coming Full Circle


This quest is the third of multiple quests involved in the upgrade of Mythic Weapons.

Zeni Notorious Monsters

  • Go to The Colosseum in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-7), and trade some imperial currency to Zandjarl to obtain Jettons. You will need around 1050 total, or only 20 if you don't mind traveling a lot.
  • Purchase a Soultrapper 2000 (500 Jettons) and 4 sets of 12 Blank Soul Plates (2 Jettons per set). Alternatively, you can purchase a Soultrapper for 2 Jettons, but this will extend the process significantly.
    • It is recommended to clear 49 inventory slots, as the finished Soul Plates do not stack.
  • Equip the Soultrapper 2000 in your Ranged slot and the Blank Soul Plates in your Ammo slot. Go to Abyssea - Tahrongi and take Conflux #3, then head west to where multiple Nauls spawn.
  • Bring a Naul down to low HP (1-10%) and then use your Soultrapper 2000 on it, while standing very close and in front of it. It will recharge every 30 seconds, and has 48 charges. Use up all of your Blank Soul Plates if you can.
    • The Soultrapper recharges every 60 seconds and has only 12 charges.
  • Talk to Ryo and Sanraku in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (E-8) until Sanraku will accept Soul Plates from you. He will accept up to 10 per Vana'diel day.
  • Request information on "rare fauna" to receive a pop item for that monster.
    • The Zeni cost for pop items varies with demand, 1000-2500 for T1, and 4000-10000 for T4. You can expect to spend about 80,000 Zeni in total to spawn all 30 monsters, necessitating further trips to the Naul camp.
  • When you have killed a monster and received its trophy item, you can trade it to Sanraku for a temporary KI, which is expended when requesting a pop item for a monster of the next tier.
  • Consult the ZNM page for a flowchart of monsters and KI progression.
    • With Item Level gear, the monsters are very easy to solo, with some exceptions (e.g. Ob). If you choose to fight every monster, this is a great opportunity to complete the Records of Eminence challenges under Content->ZNM.
  • When you have all 9 KIs from the T3 monsters, obtain the pop items for Tinnin, Sarameya, and Tyger. Talk to Ryo to learn about travelling to the islets, then talk to Sanraku to purchase various salts.
  • When you obtain their trophies, do NOT trade them to Sanraku unless you want to fight Pandemonium Warden.

Dueling Balrahn

  • Go to the cemetery in Caedarva Mire (E-10). Trade the Tinnin's Fang, Sarameya's Hide, and Tyger's Tail to the Seaprince's Tombstone to receive a Key ItemSerpentking Zahak relief.
  • Go to Nyzul Isle Staging Point and activate the Runic Seal to enter the battlefield.
  • Your subjob is not locked for this fight. It is recommended, but not required, to sub /SAM, or SAM/DNC, and to bring an Icarus Wing.
  • Time limit on this fight is 30 minutes.
  • You will have a passive 10 TP/tick Regain effect during this fight.
  • Zahak will be defeated by using three Weapon Skills with your locked mythic weapon in your Main slot. You do not have to reduce his HP to 0.
  • Once Zahak is defeated, Balrahn replaces him. Balrahn does not aggro until attacked, allowing time to rest for full HP and MP.
  • Allow Balrahn to use his Mythic Weapon Skill. At this point, your Mythic Weapon Skill will temporarily be unlocked.
    • Even if you have unlocked your Mythic Weapon Skill through the Unlocking a Myth quest, you must wait for Balrahn to lead off.
    • If Balrahn is having a hard time hitting you, try removing Item Level armor.
    • Balrahn does not hit very hard. You can use this opportunity to build TP and Steps.
    • Try to avoid reducing him to 1% HP, as additional attacks will deal 0 damage and grant no TP. He will regen a very small amount every 40 seconds.
  • Use your Mythic Weapon Skill at 1000-1999 TP. This can be done at higher TP levels by using Sekkanoki, which restricts TP usage to 1000.
  • Use your Mythic Weapon Skill at 2000-2999 TP. If you had 3000 TP before using a Sekkanoki Weapon Skill, you can Weapon Skill again right away.
  • Use your Mythic Weapon Skill at 3000 TP. Use Meditate, Reverse Flourish, and your Icarus Wing if necessary.
  • If you accidentally receive a higher-level Aftermath effect out of order, either wait for it to wear off or swap weapons back and forth and then try again at the appropriate TP level.
  • If you haven't unlocked your Mythic Weapon Skill through the Unlocking a Myth quest, you will lose it after the fight.
  • After Balrahn is defeated, you receive a cutscene in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins and a Key ItemSerpentking Zahak relief shard.


  • When viewing the cutscenes for this quest at a Melody Minstrel or Goblin Footprint, you are given the option to choose which weapon is turned in, or to "randomly fork one over."

Game Description

Nashmeira (Throne Room, Aht Urhgan Imperial Ward)
Driven by ambition, yet still haunted by the disembodied whispers that come at the weapon's touch, you have been ordered by Nashmeira in the name of the Empire to harness the seemingly unconquerable power of the mythic weapons.