Start NPC Koblakiq - Oldton Movalpolos (H-11)
Items Needed Arnica Root
Repeatable No
Reward Jaguar Mantle
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Missionary Moblin Better the Demon You Know


  • When attempting to activate this quest, you must zone and re-zone after completing Missionary Moblin for Koblakiq to give you the quest. Logging out and back in again will not work.
  • Talk to Koblakiq and agree to help her to start the quest.
  • Obtain an Arnica Root. This drops from cactuar mobs in either Eastern Altepa Desert or Western Altepa Desert. It is also available in the Auction House.
  • Trade the Arnica Root to the NPC Daa Bola the Seer located in Castle Oztroja
    • Go through the brass door at I-8 on the first map, then through the exit at G-7 on the second. On the next map, head north to the alcove at I-7.
  • Return to Oldton Movalpolos and talk with Koblakiq who will give you a KeyItemGlittering Fragment and send you to Beadeaux.
  • Go to Beadeaux and head through the underground area. Go back up to the upper level using the ramp, across the small then large bridge to the north side of G-10. The NPC Ge'Fhu Yagudoeye is located by the smokestacks.
  • Clear the surrounding Quadav near him, then talk to him to spawn four NMs: two Nickel Quadav (Paladin) and two Magnes Quadav (Black Mage). They can be slept and silenced (very high resistance to Silence) to make the fight easier; the Magnes Quadav have far fewer HP and should generally be killed first.
  • Kill the four NM Quadav and then talk to Ge'Fhu Yagudoeye for a cutscene. If the cutscene does not appear, re-zone into Beadeaux to receive it; however, it usually triggers. If multiple people are doing the quest at once, it is necessary to respawn and kill the NMs for each character who is on the quest; they can be spawned without zoning, by each different character, about every 5 minutes from the NPC.
  • Return to Oldton Movalpolos and talk with Koblakiq to complete the quest.

Game Description

Koblakiq (Oldton Movalpolos)
A letter has arrived from Zeelozok asking for an "arnica root" to be brought to Castle Oztroja. Koblakiq has entrusted this task to you...
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