Start NPC Sylvie
Requirements Level 90+ Geomancer
Items Needed Key ItemSilver luopan
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Filiae Bell
Dowser's Wand
4,000 ~ 10,000 Bayld (See Notes)
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Elementary, My Dear Sylvie The Bloodline of Zacariah


You must have Geomancer set as your main job to begin this quest, but not for the fight (a pet or ranged job with ranged trusts is a winning method).

  • NOTE: Should you not have your original handbell on you, she may ask you to purchase a new one for 300,000 gil or 150,000 baylds. Quit the dialog and try again for the quest.
  • Speak to Sylvie for a cutscene.
  • Travel to Eastern Adoulin and speak to Nhili Uvolep at (I-7) (Sverdhried Hillock waypoint) for a cutscene with Lhaiso Neftereh, Sylvie, Hemborok, Gregoirellaud, and Obelailai.
    • If she gives you the Trial Wand for the trial WS quest Geomancerrific, talk to her several more times until you receive the correct cutscene. Zoning should not be necessary.
  • Go to the Frontier Station in Morimar Basalt Fields and Speak to Vestavius at the station to learn about a problem with an Ergon Locus.
  • Examine the Ergon Locus ??? at the north-west corner of (J-6) which is accessible by traveling east from Bivouac #2, for a cutscene and obtain a Key ItemSilver luopan.
  • Examine the Ergon Locus ??? a second time to spawn a Deranged Ameretat.
    • The Ameretat primarily uses Sweet Breath and Bad Breath. It is also capable of using WILL ONLY USE Extremely Bad Breath under 50%, but the cast time is long enough to run out of range.
    • The NM has very high magic evasion and magic damage reduction and is immune to nearly all enfeebles including Stun.
    • Using pets and range trusts (Tenzen II and Semih Lafihna) is a winning method.
  • Upon defeating the Deranged Ameretat, examine the Ergon Locus ??? a third time for a cutscene. You will lose the Silver luopan.
  • Return to Sylvie in Western Adoulin for a cutscene and your rewards.
  • You must wait a game day before beginning the next quest.


Helpers not in possession of the Key ItemSilver luopan receive a Bayld reward. The size of the reward depends on the number of players present for assisting with defeating the Deranged Ameretat. You can only receive this reward once.

Game Description

Sylvie, (I-5, Western Adoulin)
Sylvie's father, the venerable Hostenn, has gone missing, and Sylvie seeks the assistance of Ikhi Askamot. Head to the Order of Renaye Residence to beseech her aid.