Start NPC Baha Mannohl - Abyssea - Tahrongi
Requirements Abyssea - Tahrongi Reputation 3
Items Needed Key ItemCup of Tahrongi cactus water
Title Granted None
Repeatable Can be completed 5 times
(Must zone between repetitions)
Reward 300 Cruor
On 5th completion:
Key ItemViridian Abyssite of Lenity


  • Talk to Baha Mannohl (A) to start the quest. She's close to Veridical Conflux #5; head east after appearing at #5.
  • Head to F-6 at night (18:00-6:00) and examine the Tahrongi Cactus to obtain a Key ItemCup of Tahrongi cactus water. The fastest way is to head to Veridical Conflux #4.
    • Note: The cactus is located amid the Caoineag so make sure your HP is white and you have sneak up. Also, the Key ItemCup of Tahrongi cactus water can only be obtained when this quest is flagged, so you must talk to Baha before you head to the cactus.
  • Return to Baha Mannohl to finish the quest.
    • Finish the quest 5 times (must reenter each time) to obtain the Key ItemViridian Abyssite of Lenity. Upon finishing the quest the 5th time, zone out and return to Baha Mannohl once more to obtain the abyssite.
      • After completing this quest five times, you can no longer repeat it.

Game Description

Baha Mannohl
A distraught Mithran mother seeks your help in finding a cure for her fever-stricken daughter. The substance she requires is a rare liquid said to be exuded by cacti of the canyon, but only after dark...