Job Ability

  • Makes kicks your primary mode of attack.
  • Obtained: Monk Level 65
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 5:00


In exchange for a penalty to attack delay and to spell timers, the monk receives an increase to damage and attack power, as well as a bonus to the amount of TP gained per kick. The monk must have a hand-to-hand weapon equipped to receive these bonuses.

When Footwork is active:

  • You can still counter; the usual Counter animation still applies.
  • You can Guard still; however, you do not Guard with feet.
  • Hundred Fists can still be used. During this time, you will use your fists.
  • As per regular fist attacks, when Kick Attacks activate, you will do your kick from Footwork, and then another kick from the Kick Attacks, resulting in two kicks.
  • Double Attack can also activate, resulting in three kicks in one round. Exclamation
  • Base TP gained while Footwork is active is 13.1 TP per kick.
  • While taking physical damage you get 7 TP in return.
  • While taking magical damage you get 14 TP in return.
  • Zoning and KO causes Footwork to be lost.
  • TP bonus applies to initial two hits on Weaponskills as well.
  • TP return for weaponskills is 13.1 for the first two hits, and 3 for each consecutive hit.
  • Delay is modified by Haste spells and Haste equipment but Weapon delay has no impact on base delay.
  • Delay at level 75 with Martial Arts VI is 300, with the 60% slow penalty it turns to 480 delay which is 8 seconds. Haste gear and spell reduces the 60% penalty, full haste gear reduces penalty to 35% slow. Which is 405 delay -> 6.75 seconds.
  • A penalty will be imposed on magic, song, and ninjutsu casting while Footwork is in effect. This penalty is a 60% increase in casting time and recast time. I.E. Utsusemi: Ni is normally 45sec. recast is now 1:16sec recast.
  • If you are moving and you are within attack range, you will throw one punch equal to the damage and TP as a normal footwork kick.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Footwork" <me>
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