Start NPC Kerutoto - Windurst Waters, South (J-8)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed Grilled Hare
Hard-Boiled Egg
Pamtam Kelp
Windurstian Tea
Title Granted Fast Food Deliverer
Repeatable No
Reward 1,000 Gil
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None Overnight Delivery


This quest can not be started if the quest Say It with Flowers or mission The Price of Peace has been started.

To receive this quest, you absolutely must talk to the following npcs in this exact order!

  • Talk to Ohbiru-Dohbiru in Windurst Waters, South (J-9), he'll tell you that he's so hungry "I feel like I'm starving to death..."
  • Talk to Kerutoto in the Northern Rhinostery building.
  • Speak with Ohbiru-Dohbiru and Kenapa-Keppa, who will complain that they're out of food but can't leave their work.
  • Go back to Kerutoto; she will give you her order and tell you to ask them for theirs.
    • You may receive the quest Waking Dreams the first time you talk to Kerutoto. Just talk to her repeatedly until you get the correct dialog. You may need to do that more than once. You do not need to wait or zone.
  • Make sure you talk to Ohbiru-Dohbiru and Kenapa-Keppa again to get their orders.
    • You will need to talk to Kenapa-Keppa a few times before he tells you what he wants.
Kerutoto wants a Grilled Hare. She will not accept a Grilled Black Hare.
Kenapa-Keppa wants a Hard-Boiled Egg.
Ohbiru-Dohbiru wants Windurstian Tea, a Tortilla (cannot use the HQ version called Tortilla Buena), and a clump of Pamtam Kelp.
  • You will receive part of the payment from each of the three npcs. You can trade all items to each NPC. They'll only take the items they ordered and leave the rest in your inventory.
If you speak with Leepe-Hoppe on the roof during this quest, it becomes obvious who ate all their food supplies (optional).

Game Description

Kerutoto (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)
You've been asked to buy food for the two busy researchers and one freshly-awoken meditator. You'll have to ask each of them what they want... if you can understand them, that is.
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