Foe Sirvente


Scroll of Foe Sirvente
BRD Lv.75
Teaches the Foe Sirvente.
Suppresses enmity loss for party
members within area of effect
Foe Sirvente reduces Enmity lost as a result of taking damage or via natural decay over time by a flat 40%[1] as of the September 2019 Version Update.[2]

The maximum potency of this effect is measured at 50%.[1]

Equipment that gives "All Songs +" increases the duration of the song by 10% per +1 level. It has no effect on the suppression of enmity loss.

Other Uses

Resale Price: ???~??? gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Songs ( )

This item is currently missing Gobbie Mystery Box info.


91,425 gil


The sirventes or serventes (Occitan sirventés) is a genre of Occitan lyric poetry used by the troubadours. In early Catalan it became a sirventesch and was imported into that language in the fourteenth century, where it developed into a unique didactic/moralistic type. It was a song written in the style of a canso, addressing current events from the perspective of a sirven ("servant"), a paid soldier. It was always partisan, being either highly complimentary or oozing with vitriol. The most famous exponent of the sirventes was Bertran de Born.


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