Foe Lullaby II


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Scroll of Foe Lullaby IIRare
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BRD Lv.83
Teaches the Foe Lullaby II.
Puts an enemy to sleep.

Spell Details

Spell cost: None
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Singing Skill
Casting Time: 2 seconds
Recast Time: 24 seconds

Other Uses

Resale Price: 3,507~3,594 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Songs ( )


Price:64,528 ~ gil
Name Location Type
Toji Mumosulah Kazham (I-8) Standard Merchant

Gold Sturdy Pyxis


  • Since this version of sleep is light element, it is very effective in sleeping undead monsters.
  • Base duration for Lullaby II is 60 seconds, this can be increased by 20% with either Cradle Horn or Nursemaid's Harp to a duration of 72 seconds. This can be further increased with the use of Troubadour, to a base duration of 120 seconds and a duration of 144 seconds with Cradle Horn or Nursemaid's Harp.
  • Foe Lullaby II is on the same tier as Foe Lullaby, as such it is not able to overwrite Lullaby I. However, Sleep II (and subsequently Sleepga II) can overwrite it, making for an extensive Sleep (Status Effect) against any foe that is susceptible to both effects.

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