Start NPC Regine - Port San d'Oria (J-8)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation 1
Items Needed 15x Magicmart Flyer
Title Granted Advertising Executive
Repeatable No
Reward 440 Gil


  • Talk to Rugiette or Regine in the magic shop. They talk about the lack of floor traffic. After this, when you talk to Regine and she asks how she can help you, you'll have the option to say you're looking for work. Choose it, and Regine gives you some flyers to hand out to boost business. You get 15 flyers and must trade them all to various people in the San d'Oria, but very few will actually take them. An indication that a NPC will accept the flyer is by a system message stating "NPCname looks over curiously for a moment." when you approach that specific NPC.
    • You must have two inventory slots free, as you will receive 1 stack (12) and 3 flyers.
    • If you need more flyers, go back to Regine and trade her 10 gil per flyer. You can't trade Regine 150 gil for 15 flyers, you must continuously trade her 10 gil per flyer and then sort them into your inventory. You may also find them at the Auction House.
  • Trade the flyers to NPC's until you have given away all 15.
  • Talk to Regine again to complete the quest.

The 15 NPC's are (in the most efficient order):

  • Answald (J-10) - front of Mog house
  • Prietta (H-9) - up the stairs above cargo rooms (H-9)
  • Miene (I-9) - open area by water
  • Portaure - Cargo room B
  • Auvare (H-6) - behind the Air Travel Agency
  • Guilberdrier (F-3) - front of Carpenter`s guild
  • Villion (F-3) - Carpenter`s guild, 2nd floor balcony
  • Capiria (F-6) - Near Laborman's Way arch, overlooking the sluice gates
  • Boncort (F-8) - Phoenix Perch Inn, 2nd floor
  • Coullene (M-6) - Cathedral 1st floor Main Hall
  • Leuveret (F-8) - Raimbroy's Grocery, 2nd floor balcony
  • Blendare (J-9) - under tree near Auction House
  • Maugie (L-9) - near Eastgate
  • Adaunel (K-9) - up the stairs on top of Eastgate archway
  • Rosel (K-8) - Rosel's Armour Shop

Game Description

Regine (Regine's Magicmart, Port San d'Oria)
Hand out fifteen flyers for the struggling magic shop. Pass them only to townsfolk, not adventurers.