Flourishes are one of the five types of dances available to the Dancer job. Flourishes require no TP to use, but they do require Finishing Moves, which are obtained by performing successful Steps.

The different types of Flourishes are placed into three Job Ability categories, Flourishes I, Flourishes II and Flourishes III. When any Flourish in a category is used, its individual recast timer must be allowed to cool down before another Flourish in that same category may be used.

Flourishes have a wide variety of effects. The Flourishes I category primarily contains offensive Flourishes that are used to enfeeble opponents, whereas the Flourishes II category primarily contains self-supportive Flourishes that enhance the user's own abilities. Flourishes III only contains Climactic Flourish.

Finishing Moves, which are required in order to use Flourishes, may be stockpiled up to 5. While most Flourishes will function with just one Finishing Move available, some of them will consume multiple Finishing Moves, if available, in order to enhance the effect. For instance, Reverse Flourish will consume all of the player's Finishing Moves, but it will return an increasing amount of TP back to the user with each Finishing Move that is consumed.

Flourishes are learned by Dancers at the following levels:

Flourishes I

Level Flourish Effect
20 Animated Flourish Provokes a target.
30 Desperate Flourish Weighs down a target.
45 Violent Flourish Stuns a target.

Flourishes II

Level Flourish Effect
40 Reverse Flourish Converts remaining Finishing Moves into TP.
50 Building Flourish Enhances potency of your next weapon skill.
60 Wild Flourish Readies target for a skillchain.

Flourishes III

Level Flourish Effect
80 Climactic Flourish Guarantees next melee attacks are critical hits.
89 Striking Flourish Allows you to deliver a twofold attack.
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