Start NPC Green Thumb Moogle - Mog Garden
Title Granted Mog Garden Seedling
Repeatable No
Reward Water Cluster
Garden Worm
Grove Worm
Stone Serum
Sardine Sphere
Sardine Chum
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Seed Sowing Courtesy Crustacean


  • Examine the Flotsam on the shore and select "Pick it up" to receive a Water Cluster.
  • Speak to the Green Thumb Moogle with at least FIVE free spaces in your bag to complete the quest and receive the other five quest rewards, which can be traded to the corresponding targets in the Mog Garden to improve your next batch of items.
    • If you don't have 5 free spots the quest will not progress and talking to the moogle will not work. Exit to another area and come back to talk to moogle again, the quest will then pick up.

Game Description

Green Thumb Moogle (Mog Garden)
Check what drifted in on the tide by examining a spot on the Mog Garden's coastline.
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