Flotsam can wash ashore on your Mog Garden's island once you complete the quest Flotsam Finding.

One flotsam item washes ashore per Earth day. However, when the Mog Gardens Campaign is active, a second item from the list at the end of the page also washes ashore.

Possible Flotsam

Notorious Monster Spawn Items

Magic Scrolls






Automaton Attachments

Other Items

Mog Gardens Campaign Items

During the Mog Gardens Campaign, a second bonus item washes ashore. When this campaign is active, the blue Crabauble takes on the appearance of Courier Carrie to indicate that special flotsam is available.

Level 99 J.S.E. Capes Exclusive (All Jobs)
Crafting Materials
Adamantoise Shell Umbril Ooze
Ancient Currency
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell Tukuku Whiteshell
Montiont Silverpiece Ordelle Bronzepiece
One Hundred Byne Bill One Byne Bill
Aurora Bass Mola Mola
Ryugu Titan Titanictus
Dwarf Pugil Exclusive Drill Calamary Exclusive
Mannequin Pieces
Mannequin Head Rare Mannequin Body Rare
Mannequin Hands Rare Mannequin Legs Rare
Mannequin Feet Rare
NM Spawn Items
Shrimp Lantern
Einherjar Items
Smouldering Lamp Rare
Skirmish Items
Rala Visage I Rala Visage II
Cirdas Visage I Ra'Kaznar Visage I
Yorcia Visage I Faithful's Torso I
Faithful's Torso II Faithful's Legs I
Eudaemon Shield
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