«FFXI-Movie» 0278 CoP 7-2 - Flames in the Darkness

Game Script

Flames in the Darkness - Misareaux Coast
Tenzen: So the Emptiness has now devoured Hakutei River...

???: With the waters gone, bandit tribes have little trouble staging raids across the border.
Our empire's defenses are crumbling.

???: Lord Tenzen, your blade knows no equal.
I beg of you to return and lead our soldiers into battle.

Tenzen: But my guiding flame has been extinguished...

???: We are aware of your situation.
However, the emperor will grant you his forgiveness.

???: You need only conquer the barbarians that mass against us, and reignite the Phoenix Blade upon their flesh.

Tenzen: And if that is not enough?

???: Then it will be time to undertake our most desperate plan.
Based on your information, we will invade the city of Jeuno.

???: Liberating the mothercrystals is the only way to stem the tide of Emptiness.

Tenzen: You speak truly.
And yet I cannot return to our country.
Not until I carry out the final duty entrusted to me by the noble Phoenix.

???: Final duty...?

Tenzen: When the Phoenix Blade released its energy to shield us from Bahamut, I could hear every single voice.

Tenzen: The voices of all the children who, in my weakness, I failed to save.

Tenzen: If I betray them here, it will be an unforgivable insult to their faith in me.
I must strive until the end, with the very last spark of this life I have pledged.

Tenzen: I will secure the safety of the mothercrystals upon which rests the fate of Vana'diel...

???: Understood, Lord Tenzen.
Your words will be relayed.

Tenzen: ...
Player name, I did not see you.
Are you alone?

Tenzen: I, too, have found myself alone.

Tenzen: These sudden separations are truly a lonely experience, don't you agree?

Tenzen: Phoenix has ordered me to lead you to the fifth mothercrystal.

Tenzen: And we must hurry.

Tenzen: There is little remaining of the time her sacrifice has bought us.

Tenzen: Let us board the airship for Jeuno.

Flames in the Darkness - Sealion's Den
Sueleen: You just missed them!

Not more than a couple of minutes ago, an airship from Jeuno came and took Prishe and her friends away.

Sueleen: Ulmia said that they should wait for you, but Prishe said you'd find your own way back to the mainland...so they left.

Sueleen: I wonder if that means they'll be sending another ship...

Sueleen: If that's the case, those three Tarutaru should have waited instead of hiding away in those barrels.

Flames in the Darkness - Ru'Lude Gardens
Wolfgang: Player name!

It appears you caught up with the armada.

Wolfgang: I heard the report.
The attack against Bahamut failed, but we have dealt him a critical blow.

Wolfgang: Lady Esha'ntarl is to join the main fleet and lead our forces in a mass assault.

Wolfgang: She mentioned that she would like to meet with you all before the attack commences.
You are to meet her for a confidential briefing in the tavern in Upper Jeuno.

Wolfgang: Do not keep Lady Esha'ntarl waiting.
May victory in battle be yours.

Flames in the Darkness - Upper Jeuno
Mildaurion: I am glad to see that you have all survived unscathed.

Shikaree Z: You...!

Jabbos: You are...the priest...!?

Mildaurion: Nice to see you both again after so long.

Mildaurion: It's been twenty years since I've seen you, Shikaree Z.
And a hundred years for you, Jabbos, if I'm not mistaken.

Mildaurion: And you, the man of extraordinary luck.

Louverance: I am most delighted to be in you presence once more, Cardinal Mildaurion.

Mildaurion: I would love to celebrate this long overdue reunion; however, now is not the time.

Mildaurion: Lord Bahamut has revealed to us an unsettling truth--the Keeper of the Apocalypse waits in the celestial captial of Al'Taieu.

Mildaurion: Until now, the Armathrwn Society had believed the city of Al'Taieu destroyed.

Mildaurion: Judging by the counsel of the terrestrial avatars and the memories of Selh'teus, however, we can assume that the celestial capital still exists.

Mildaurion: The society is now focused on gaining further information.
To this end, the objective of our next operation is to capture--not kill--Lord Bahamut.

Mildaurion: I, Esha'ntarl, will join the main fleet of warships and head once more to the ends of the earth.

Mildaurion: But there is another important matter that requires our immediate attention--a matter involving the fifth mothercrystal.

Mildaurion: Someone has apparently severed the fifth crystal from the Crystal Line.

Louverance: When the boy, Selh'teus, appeared, was not this Crystal Line the conduit he traversed with Lord Bahamut?

Prishe: Just a damn moment!
So now we can't use this pipeline gizmo to get to the fifth mothercrystal!?

Prishe: How are we supposed to get to Al'Taieu and wipe the floor with the Keeper of the Apocalypse!?

Tenzen: How, indeed.
In any event, we must search for an alternative route now that Phoenix is no longer with us.

Shikaree Z: Wait.
Mildaurion, you mentioned that "someone" isolated the fifth mothercrystal?

Shikaree Z: Who is rrresponsible for this act of sabotage?

Mildaurion: I do not know.
The only people capable of such a feat would be either Selh'teus, or Nag'molada...

Mildaurion: I currently have Jeunoan troops preparing to invade Movalpolos.

Jabbos: M...Movalpolos...!?

Jabbos: The Moblins...are in danger...!?
I must...leave...immediately!

Louverance: Jabbos has spent a century living with the Moblins in an effort to avert this sort of development.

Louverance: This is most worrisome. I shall follow him and see he does not come to harm.

Shikaree Z: I will accompany you!

Mildaurion: I realize that Jabbos has tried for years to convince the Moblins that they are not the children of Promathia.

Mildaurion: But for the sake of the mothercrystal, the Moblins cannot be left to their own devices.

Mildaurion: If he fails to persuade them otherwise, they may attempt to destroy the fifth crystal.

Tenzen: Destroy the crystal!?

Mildaurion: The mothercrystal is at both the beginning and the end of a person's journey in this life.

Mildaurion: After learning this fact from Jabbos, the Moblins now believe that destroying the mothercrystal will spell the end for the children of Altana.

Ulmia: How could Jabbos fail to mention something so important!?

Prishe: He had no choice.
If that kinda thing became public knowledge, Movalpolos would be gutted and all the Moblins slaughtered.

Ulmia: !

Prishe: Miss Mildaurion.
I'm not in a position to be giving advice to a ten thousand-year-old, but just hear me out.

Prishe: Killing every last Moblin might make this mess all nice and neat, but it's not what I'd call a solution.

Prishe: Isn't this the exact thing that Bahamut is trying to do?

Tenzen: ...

Mildaurion: You are right...
Nothing good can come of this...

Mildaurion: I will plead with the Armathrwn Society to find a peaceable solution to this problem.

Prishe: Thanks, Miss Mildaurion!

Mildaurion: But from this point onward I will be joining the society to monitor its actions.

Mildaurion: My movements will be limited, but rest assured that I will be watching over you always.
Now go, my brave companions. The fate of the world and her people is in your hands.

Prishe: Alrighty!
Ulmia, Tenzen, Player name!
On to Movalpolos!

Prishe: Everyone who wants to scrap it out for the ultimate victory, follow me!!!

Flames in the Darkness - Upper Jeuno
Jabbos: Swipostik!


Jabbos: Chekochuk!

Jabbos: Noooooooo!!!

Jabbos: You...
You...did this...!

Prishe: Whoa, hold on, Jabbo-man!
They didn't do squat!

Cherukiki: Nag'molada...

Kukki-Chebukki: He did it!

Makki-Chebukki: He's a bad, bad man!

Cherukiki: Waaah!

Kukki-Chebukki: Waaah!

Makki-Chebukki: He's a bad, bad man!

Ulmia: It is all right, children. Prishe and I are here now. We will not allow Nag'molada to harm you.

Prishe: Come out, you lousy rat! Come out and fight like a man!

Tenzen: They're still alive!
Come, give me a hand!

Jabbos: ...

Prishe: I'm really sorry, Jabbos. It's all my fault. If I hadn't told Nag'molada about Movalpolos, none of this would have happened.

Prishe: I should have known that creep would do something this low...

Jabbos: ...

Jabbos: You...knew that...he was planning...to call forth...the Wyrmking...

Jabbos: You were only...trying to stop...him...

Prishe: ...

Ulmia: According to the Tarutaru, Nag'molada disappeared down the path the Moblins cleared for Selh'teus.

Louverance: However, it seems as if he caused a cave-in to prevent us from following him...

Louverance: The Moblins' wounds are severe. It would be impossible for them to aid us in clearing the tunnel...

Shikaree Z: He missed their vital organs on purpose.
He knew exactly what he was doing. Nag'molada is toying with us...

Jabbos: Arrrgh!
I will not...forgive...him for what...he has done to...my friends...
Nag'molada...you won't get...away...

Prishe: Hold on!

Shikaree Z: What do you think you are doing!?

Jabbos: What...does it...look like...!?

Jabbos: When I'm...through with him...he'll know...the meaning...of pain!

Louverance: Calm down, my friend. We all understand how you feel, but you will never be able to clear this tunnel by yourself.

Jabbos: But if I...don't...who...will...?

Prishe: Dammit! What in Altana's name are we supposed to do now, huh!?

Tenzen: No matter the hardship, there will always be a path lighted for the righteous.

Tenzen: When the land no longer gives an answer, we must look to the heavens for guidance.

Tenzen: Phoenix will be our guiding light. She will show us the way.

Tenzen: I do not know how, and I do not know when, but I know she will...

Ulmia: Look to the heavens...?
Could the path we are searching for...be located in the heavens?

Prishe: Well, there you go! If pushin' gets you nowhere, start pullin'! THat's what I always say!

Prishe: C'mon! Let's go see our buddy Cid. He'll help us out!

Prishe: Jabbos! If you really want to get some revenge, stop your whinin' and come with us!