Mission Name Flames in the Darkness
Number PM7-2
Title Granted Esha'ntarl's Comrade in Arms
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Chains and Bonds Fire in the Eyes of Men
Replay Cutscenes
Flames in the Darkness Goblin Footprint Misareaux Coast (K-10)
Flames in the Darkness Jovial Rat Sealion's Den (H-6)
Flames in the Darkness Archanne Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9)
Flames in the Darkness Tinjue Upper Jeuno (G-6)


  • Head to Misareaux Coast and check the Dilapidated Gate at (F-7) for cutscene with Tenzen.
  • Head to Sealion's Den and talk to Sueleen at (H-6).
    • You may have to speak with her twice to get the cutscene, which is very brief.
  • Head to Ru'Lude Gardens (Home Point #1) and approach the Palace at (H-7).
    • While you're here, it's strongly recommended you now talk with Taillegeas at (I-7) to get Trust: Cherukiki. She is a good Trust and you only have a small window to get her before she's unavailable. She won't be available again until after finishing Chains of Promathia in full
    • Choose the default option "I want to see how this plays out" to get Trust: Cherukiki. If in the cutscene you choose "Let me get my hammer" Cherukiki will warp away and you will not get it.
  • Head to Upper Jeuno (Home Point #1) and check the Marble Bridge Eatery Door at (F-7) a cutscene with Mildaurion, Prishe, Tenzen, Jabbos, Shikaree Z and Louverance.

Game Description

Game Description

Mission Orders
Tenzen is nowhere to be found. You must locate him before returning to Jeuno to meet with Esha'ntarl.