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Recommended Fame Quests

Reputation Dialog

Level Reputation Text
1 <Name>? That's a name I haven't heard before. You have to understand, this is a harsh world we live in. People don't have the luxury of becoming best buddies with each and every straggler who finds her way to camp. But take heart. Learn your way around, show that you have something to offer the cause, and people will come to trust you in time, I'm sure.
2 <Name>? Hmmm... I recall hearing that a rookie by that name was bungling about camp, trying his best to be helpful, but mostly getting in the way. When you're struggling for your life, you can't always give a newcomer the time and patience they deserve. It would seem your heart is in the right place, though. Keep up your efforts, and people will come to appreciate you before long.
3 Ah, so you're <Name>. Yes, I hear your name here and there these days. Seems that some of our veterans were pleasantly surprised that you're finally making yourself useful. Keep it up, and they may even consider you a trusted comrade someday.
4 Well, if it isn't <Name>. Did you know that you're a fairly popular topic around camp these days? It's not often that a new recruit makes an impression so quickly. I daresay you're well on your way to being a valued member of the resistance. But this is no time to rest on your laurels!
5 Ah, <Name>. Always a pleasure! I was just talking to an officer who spoke most highly of you. Your tireless efforts on behalf of the resistance have earned you quite a following. Keep fighting the good fight!
6 If it isn't <Name>, hero of the resistance! Why, to think that when I first saw you, you were just a no-name new recruit who couldn't tell a martello from a hole in the ground! Now look at you! Why, people talk of you as if you've single-handedly restored hope to our people. Continue to fight with us, <Name>. In this dark age, we need every hero we can get.