Start NPC Talhaal - Al Zahbi (H-6)
Requirements Ode to the Serpents started
Zazarg present in Al Zahbi
Items Needed Biyaada's Letter
Rusty Medal
Title Granted Stoneserpent Shocktrooper
Repeatable No
Reward 500 Imperial Standing
After completion:
Trust: Zazarg
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Ode to the Serpents None


Stoneserpent General Zazarg must be in the Commoner's Ward/Al Zahbi (H-6) for this quest to be accessible or completable. If he is being held prisoner talking to Talhaal will not lead to a cutscene.

Trust: Zazarg

Game Description

Talhaal (Al Zahbi)
Talhaal has agreed to tell you about the Stoneserpent General's deeds. Wait for him at the Shararat Teahouse.
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