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Fishing: The "Other" Sport
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The Other Sport

An adventurer enjoys fishing on deck.

It was early afternoon in the port town of Mhaura, which happens to be the place where I first met Tathuma. Ah, I've already gone off the subject. What I really want to talk about is fishing, which I introduced in my last article. Lately, rather than simply trying to increase their inventories, more and more adventurers are enjoying fishing as a sport.

Even today, the ship that travels between Mhaura and Selbina was crowded with deep-sea fishers, in addition to the usual adventurers voyaging across the world. Some eager fishermen even cast their lines by the ship's entrance before departure. No doubt they intended to use their catches as bait for big game on the open sea.

The fishermen made a dash for the deck to find a good spot upon the ship's departure. Everyone scrambled to reach his or her favorite place before another had the chance to claim it. Rain clouds covered the sky, but the fishermen didn't seem to mind as they cast their lines with determined faces. Hurriedly, I set about getting their stories.

Hukahi: I just started fishing recently. Today I came with all my linkshell members, and I'm having a great time!

Nagiri: I started fishing ages ago.

Apparently, Hukahi was excited about the recent popularity of fishing and invited his more experienced friends on today's trip.

Curoe: We've been so wrapped up in fishing that chatting has become fairly sparse.

Atlus: It's nice to just sit here and enjoy what we're doing, you know?

Nagiri: I never get bored of wondering what I'll catch next!

Hapchan: Sometimes I get so caught up in my struggle with the fish that I don't even notice when the Sea Horror shows up. Paying attention to linkshell chat is even more difficult.

The whole time we were talking, nobody took his eyes off his line.

Atlus: Fishing all day can wear you out before you know it. Sometimes I get so exhausted, I can't even fish up a bucket.

Hapchan: I'm always ready to collapse after pulling up a few big ones.

Tencho: You guys are just working too hard. You have to be fired up when you fish!

Atlus: Resting all day wouldn't help anything. I would just keep glancing at all the adventurers fishing and yearn to join them.

Tencho & Hapchan: It's hard to be away from fishing for too long!

An adventurer named Dorothy prepared some delicious-looking sushi from a fish she had just caught. I regret not asking her for a bite.

Atlus: You can even make your own bait with a bit of cooking knowledge. Rather convenient, I'd say.

Hapchan: Also, fixing fishing rods raises woodworking and alchemy skills.

Tencho: It doesn't cost much money, either.

So it seems that repairing equipment and making bait are also important factors in becoming a good fisherman. My husband also likes to carve bone to look like insect lures.

Pulling in a legendary catch results in cheers and exuberance. Even complete strangers seem like close friends.

Atlus: I've made a lot of friends by fishing.

Hapchan: Yeah, we always see certain people out here.

Adventurers often look for good spots to increase their fishing skill. These spots become gathering places for people who are interested in fishing, creating excellent locations for exchanging information and tips for improvement.

Monkeyking: Fishing looks fun, but I can't afford any ridiculously high-priced equipment. I bet I'd have to waste all my savings!

Monkeyking mumbled his thoughts as he exited the ship, but I found fault with his argument. All one needs to be a fisherman is a rod--even a stick will work--and some bait. I told Monkeyking as such, and he seemed encouraged. He even promised to go fishing with me someday.

As I headed home, I noticed that many fishermen re-boarded the ship as soon as it docked, ready to catch even more fish.

Now that I think about it, it was Tathuma who taught me how to fish before we were married. At first, we fished together, but I remember that I was frustrated because I couldn't catch anything. When I got home, I found Tathuma hard at work making bait.

Myhal: So what is your biggest catch so far?

Tathuma: You.

You caught me? I thought I caught you!

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 10

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