Finishing Move (Status Effect) Finishing Move is a status effect that grants access to Flourishes.

How to remove the effect

  • This effect will wear off after two hours or when changing areas.
  • This effect will be partially or completely consumed by using Flourishes.

How the effect is gained


  • When Dancer is set as the main job, two Finishing Moves will be generated with each successful application of each different type of Step. Once one of the Step Daze effects has reached level 5, only one Finishing Move will be generated with its appropriate Step.
  • When Dancer is set as the sub job, only one Finishing Move will be awarded for each successful Step.
  • The maximum number of Finishing Moves that can be stored at one time is five.
  • The number of Finishing Moves currently accumulated is shown by a small number on the Finishing Move status effect icon.
  • The potency of the associated Flourishes is often dependent on how many Finishing Moves are stored up. For example: Reverse Flourish generates only 10 TP when used with one Finishing Move. When used with five Finishing Moves, however, it will grant 60 TP.
  • Only lasts for two(?) hours before wearing off.

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