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Strategies and information in guides may not work for everyone.


A symbol that is commonly seen in search comments. Sometimes written using ASCII uppercase O. This symbol is usually used to indicate that you have something. For example, Food:◯ indicates that you are in the possession of food for use in Party. Another use is to indicate you have all of something, as in Runic Portal:◯ to mean you have access to all 6 Runic Portals. Accessible to use in game by typing the word controller, pressing tab, and select "◯ Button", then hit backspace to delete the word button.
A symbol that is commonly seen in search comments. Sometimes written using ASCII uppercase X. This symbol is usually used to indicate that you do not have something. For example, sky:× indicates that you do not have access to sky. Or it can be used in Party chat to indicate a spell or ability is not ready yet. Sneak Attack:× would let people know that you cannot use your Sneak Attack yet because the timer is not up. Accessible to use in game by typing the word controller, pressing tab, and select "× Button", then hit backspace to delete the word button.
A symbol that is commonly seen in search comments. Generally synonymous with TNL. It is used to refer to how many experience points a player needs to reach the next level. Also can be used in questions such as "everyone @?" which essentially means "What is everyone's TNL?"
Their '@' is basically a romanized pronounciation of the symbol. It reads as 'ato'(あと/後) which can be translated to 'left' or 'remaining'. It would be best to reconfirm TNL facts as many english players would use @ as its literal meaning -> 'at'. So to japanese players '@1000' would mean '1000exp TNL' while some english players would use the same phrase for '1000exp into the level'.
A symbol usually typed after a word to indicate that a mispelling or mistyping of some kind occurred, and the corrected version is the version followed by the * symbol. Example: "Helldive all" would likely be followed by "Hello* all"


See Two-Hour Ability.
See Xbox.
Mobs that detect on Sound, Magic, Job Abilities, HP, and/or Weaponskills always detect 360 degrees around them up to a certain radius.


See Link.
(acr)(phrase) As Far As I Know
(acr)(phrase) Away From Keyboard
(n.) a shortening of "Aggressive (behavior)." This term refers to the behavior of an enemy approaching and attacking, as opposed to your attacking first. See Aggro. "After sneak wore, he got aggro from the crab."
(v.) to gain an aggressive monster's attention or ire. "The crab aggroed him after his sneak wore."
Agility (AGI) 
(n.) stat that has an effect on evasion, shield, and parry skills and determines a character's effectiveness with ranged attacks. See Agility.
Alliance (synonym - Ally) 
(n.) a collection of up to 3 parties with a maximum of 18 adventurers
(v.) the process of joining an alliance. "Are we going to Alliance with them?"
Ancient Magic (AM) 
(n.) Black Mage spells that deal large amounts of damage at the cost of large amounts of MP and long cast times. See Ancient Magic.
Ancient Magic II (AM2) 
(n.) Second tier of the original Black Mage Ancient Magic spells. Learned through Group II Black Mage Job Merits. Has a lower MP cost with a considerable damage increase.
Anon (/anon
(abbr)(adv.) Anonymous Related to when a player turns on a mask that hides their job information. This means you cannot see what job, subjob, or level an anon player is. Players who are anon will also have their names displayed in blue instead of white.
Area of Effect (AoE or AE) 
(adj.) the area over which a spell or ability has an effect, usually impacting multiple players or monsters simultaneously. See Area of Effect. "Watch out for Wild Rage, it's AoE!"
Artifact Armor (AF) 
(n.) high level armor that is job specific. Pieces of such armor often add to the primary attributes of their job. See Artifact Armor.
Auction House (AH) 
(n.) a center of commerce to provide a means of circulating goods. There are auction houses in every major city that enable players to sell items to each other without actually being present at the time of sale. See Auction House.
(v.) the process of using the AH to buy or sell items. "Hold on guys, I have to AH some stuff."


(n.) a city on the southern portion of the Quon continent where Humes and Galka reside. See Bastok.
(acr)(n.) Burning Circle Notorious Monster
(n.) humanoid monsters. See Beastmen.
(abbr)(n.) Black Mage
Blood Warp (Synonym - Ghetto Warp, D4, Death Warp, Lv.1 Express) 
(v.) Allowing a mob to kill you in order to quickly get to your home point. A common tactic to do this is to switch to a low level job first (often a level 1 job). The logic behind this is that by using a very low level job , there is little to no EXP loss.
(abbr)(n.) Blue Mage
(acr) Besieged Map
(n.) Refers to any skeleton in the game.
(acr)(n.) Be Right Back
(abbr)(n.) Bard
(abbr)(n.) Beastmaster
See Enhance.
(n.) extra EXP received after leveling up. The larger the buffer is, the less chance there is of leveling down when they get Knocked Out. "I need a little buffer before I head out to Dynamis."


(n.) the location where a party chooses to fight. Prime camp locations are free of wandering mobs or other hazards that would distract a party from killing their intended targets safely.
(v.1) to use a safe location for fighting and resting. "Where are we camping?"
(v.2) the process of staying in a general area, usually to wait for an NM to spawn. "All he ever does is camp Lizzy."
(n.) a maximum or restricted maximum. "This fight has a level 20 cap."
(v.) to reach the maximum. "I just capped my Healing Magic Skill!"
(acr) Crystal Era.
Chain Cast 
(synonym - Chainnuke) (v.) to cast spells one after another without waiting. When something goes wrong and a battle starts to turn against the party, the group leader may call for mages to chain cast. This means that they should abandon any sense of magic conservation and throw spell after spell to heal the party and kill any aggressors. Derrived from the Job Ability Chainspell (in name and definition).
Charisma (CHR) 
(n.) stat that determines the effectiveness of BRD songs, BST charms, and Killer Effects. See Charisma.
Charms & -gas 
(acr) refers to the simple yet very effective strategy of the Undead Swarm during Besieged. This is accomplished by the AOE charm move of the Lamiae and the AOE spells and/or weaponskills of the skeletons, qutrubs, ghosts, and lamiae.
Check (synonym - Con) 
(n.) a command that can be found in the menu that pops up when you select a target. It allows you to view the level and equipment on other players, and gauge the strength of enemies. See Check
(v.1) using the command described above.
(v.2) the way in which a mob compares to a player. "What does that mob con to you?" "EP."
Chobi or Choco (less commonly: Chobo) 
(abbr) Chocobo
(n.) see Crawlers' Nest
(n.) the main system of competition between the nations of San d'Oria, Bastok and Windurst. See Conquest.
(acr)(n.1) Chains of Promathia expansion.
(n.2) a certain mission within the Chains of Promathia expansion, when followed by a number. "I'm on CoP 2-5."
(abbr)(n.) Corsair
Crafting (synonym - Synthing) 
(v.) the process of making items out of lesser goods and treasure. When combined, certain ingredients form powerful equipment that is worth far more than the sum of its parts. See Crafts.
(acr)(n.) Cutscene. A segment of video that tells a story; happens when on a quest or mission.
(acr.) (n.) An acronym for Chainspell Stun, a popular strategy employing RDM/DRKs to keep certain endgame notorious monsters continually stunned.


(n.) shortened name for Warp II, based on the Japanese term for de-zone. "Can I please get a D2?" (Note: May also be related to an old term for the Warp spell in Final Fantasy games, Dejeon)
(v.) to cast Warp II on someone.
(n.) rather than referring to a spell, it is a name given to "Blood porting" or "death warping". Intentionally dying to return to home point. Sometimes a player will first change to a job they do not care about losing exp on.
Damage Over Time (DoT) 
(adj.) the amount of damage a character inflicts over the course of a battle. See DoT.
(adj.) Also can refer to a spell that deals damage over time. (Rasp/Frost)
Damage Dealer (DD) 
(n.) refers specifically (but not exclusively) to melee damage dealers or physical damage dealers. "We have a tank and two healers, we need some DD."
(n.) refers to someone that involuntarily lost connection. Also referred as R0.
Death (synonym - K.O.) 
(n.) misnomer for the state in which a character has no Hit Points remaining. See K.O..
Death Warp 
See Blood Warp.
(n.) a spell that removes a beneficial stat from a target. These spells are RDM's Dispel and BRD's Magic Finale. Although this term was coined up by players and is commonly used synonymously with Enfeebling.
(v.) the process of removing a beneficial stat from a target. "RDM can you please debuff that beetle?"
(acr) (adj.) Decent Challenge, see Check
(v.) to lose a level due to the loss of xp from death. "Don't let me die guys, or I'll delevel."
Despawn (Synonym - Depop) 
(v.) the act of a monster disappearing. This can happen when a monster is pulled far from its spawn area, and all sources of its ire are either dead or have moved to different zones. This also happens to undead mobs at 04:00 on the game clock, bats in the open at 06:00, and elementals when their corresponding weather effect ends, if they are not engaged in battle.
Dexterity (DEX) 
(n.) stat that affects a character's melee success rate and the chance to land a critical hit. See Dexterity.
(v.) slang for gaining a level. Not to be confused with Ding Bats. "I dinged 30!"
(v.) see Delevel
(abbr)(n.) Dark Knight
(abbr)(n.) Dragoon
(n.) treasure that is gained by killing a monster "Jaggedy-Eared Jack's drop is one of the most rare in the game."
(v.) the process of a monster dropping treasure. "Did Jack drop that charm yet?"
Dynamis (Synonym - Dyna)
(n.) an alternate reality that is separate from the rest of Vana'diel, and cannot be entered by normal means. See Dynamis.


(n.) a race of strong people with fierce devotion to whatever cause they choose. Although slow, the Elvaan have strength and vitality that goes far beyond expectations. Elvaan also make potent melee characters. Although lacking a decent pool of magic from which to draw, Elvaan make skilled healers with what they can cast. The Elvaan hail from the kingdom of San d'Oria. See Elvaan.
(acr) (adj.) Even Match, see Check
Emote (/em
(n.) gestures that can be made to express emotion. See Emote.
(n.) English-speaking player. See NA.
(v.) to take away stats from a target; opposite of enhance. Although it is commonly used synonymously with Debuff, some people believe there is a distinction. See Enfeebling Magic.
Enhance (synonym - Buff) 
(v.) to raise stats on a target; opposite of enfeeble. See Enhancing Magic.
Enmity (synonym - Hate) 
(n.) the quantifiable amount of the monster's attention or ire you have. This is the quantity which determines whom a monster would be attacking during battle. See Enmity.
(acr) (adj.) Easy Prey, see Check
(abbr)(n.) European Player
Experience Points (EXP or XP)
(n.) points earned after killing a mob rated Easy Prey or above, by completing certain quests, or after using a special XP scroll. EXP determines when a character levels up. See Experience points.
Extra Job 
(n.) jobs that are available after their respective quests are completed. These quests are available after reaching level 30. See Jobs.


(n.) a hidden stat that keeps track of how well-known a character is to NPCs. This stat increases when a character completes a quest. Having higher fame enables a charater to seek important quests later in the game. High fame also decreases the cost of items in general stores. See Fame.
(v.) the process of repeatedly killing mobs to get specific drops
(acr)(n.) Final Fantasy XI
(n.) another name for mob, often used by Japanese.
(n.) an crafter that is fishing for fish and items alongs lakes, rivers, ponds, or oceans.
(n.) another name for puller, often used by Japanese.
(n.) another word for pulling, often used by Japanese.
Force D/C
(v.) to intentionally disconnect from the game by means other than logging out; often done without warning.
(n.) A third party software program used to take screen and video captures in full-screen mode programs such as FFXI.
(v.) To record a movie or video, most often using the Fraps software.
(acr)(phrase) For the win. FTL refers to the opposite, For the loss. Both acronyms can be changed to FTFW/FTFL or FTMFW/FTMFL to show more flavor. "Carbuncle FTW!"
(n.) Japanese slang term for the Sneak Attack + Trick Attack combination, or SATA.


G1 / G2 / G3 / G4 / G5 (Synonym - Limit Break)
(abbr)(n.) Genkai, which is Japanese for strict guard. See Genkai. This refers to what is known as the Limit Break quests offered starting at level 50 by Maat. As a relatively new player, you must complete each quest in order to progress in level.
(n.) The Galka, a playable, asexual race, hail from Bastok. These gigantic humanoids are strong, hearty, and make some of the finest melee-fighters in the land. Gifted with greater Vitality than the other races, the Galka can take as much pain as they dish out. See Galka.
Game Master (GM) 
(n.) the "Judges" of Vana'diel. GMs have been known to provide help to those trapped in places they cannot leave. They may also send those who violate the rules of the world to Mordion Gaol. See GM.
Garbage Sh#&$adel 
(n.) a 'playfully' derrogatory term for the oft hated camping location of Garlaige Citadel. Often shortened to just Garbage or The Sh#*%adel. While falling out of use now, except by older players still tormented by the memories, the Citadel was often plagued by rampant (if unintentional) MPK from trains of bats, killing parties in a line to the zone. This problem has since been remedied with an update.
(v.) the tending and nurturing of plants. Gardening provides players another way to make money through harvesting plants they grow, and crafters with another way to obtain their materials. See Gardening.
(acr.) (n.) Gate Crystal. Refers to the key items that are obtained when clicking on the glowing Telepoints. Gate Crystals are required for enabling a White Mage to teleport you. See Teleport.
Gil (g) 
(n.) the standard currency of Vana'diel. See Gil.
(n.) a person that plays FFXI specifically for real money purposes. These people are highly hated and looked down upon. "Don't give him a teleport, he's a gilseller!" Also see RMT.
(adj.) slang for a character whose choices have left them below the expectations for their level. Examples are gear, subjob type, underleveled subjob, missing key spells, etc. "I'm anon 'cause my sub is gimp."
Gob, Gobbo, Gobbie
(abbr)(n.) Goblin.
(abbr)(phrase) Congratulations
(abbr)(phrase) Good Night
See Party.
(acr.) (n.) Gilseller
GTG (synonym - G2G) 
(acr)(v.) Got To Go. "Sorry guys, I GTG. Thanks for the PT though."
(acr)(v.) Good to go. Since it is the same acronym as 'got to go' this has often led to confusion.
(n.) headquarters of a specific craft. See Crafts.
Guild Points (GP) 
(n.) points that are needed to buy certain guild-related items. See Guildworker's Union.


(n.) See Enmity.
Heal (synonyms - Med, Rest) 
(v.) sitting to regenerate lost HP or MP. During this time, however, TP falls. Characters cannot move, fight, or cast spells while resting, but they can talk to each other. See Healing.
Hit Points (HP) 
(n.) a numeric representation of a character's life. See Hit Points. "After Serket hit me, my HP went down to 2!"
(acr)(n.) High-level Notorious Monster or Hyper Notorious Monster. See HNM.
(acr)(n.) High-level Notorious Monster Linkshell or Hyper Notorious Monster Linkshell. These are linkshells of people who gather together to hunt and kill HNMs.
Home Point (HP) 
(n.) a place where a character can return to upon death or via Warp, Warp II, special scrolls or items. See Home Point.
(acr)(n.1) Hit Points
(acr)(n.2) Home Point
(acr)(adj.)(n.)High Quality. A synthesis that produced a better item or more items than a normal synthesis.
(acr)(v.) the act of making a high quality item
(n.) Humes are the most basic of races, closely resembling the humans of our world. Statistically average in all attributes, this race can learn almost anything. Versatile jobs and job combinations are wise when Humes are involved. Humes come from Bastok, where their ingenuity has transformed the land into a place of steam power and industrial might. See Hume.


(acr)(phrase) If I Remember Correctly or If I Recall Correctly. "There was a gob that spawned here IIRC."
(acr)(n.) Iron Musketeer. A suffix added to the name of Bastokan Foreign Conquest Overseer or Outpost sentry NPCs.
(acr)(phrase) In Game
(acr)(phrase) In My Humble Opinion and In My Opinion
Incoming (INC) 
(phrase) a warning that a monster, whether pulled or not, is about to join the fray.
Intelligence (INT) 
(n.) stat that helps determine the effectiveness of all Elemental Magic spells, most Enfeebling Magic spells, some Enhancing Magic spells and Ninjutsu. See Intelligence.
Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE) 
A company that provides RMT services. Often used as a verb: Did you IGE that Kraken?
See Real Money Trade (RMT)
To the Japanese, Poitem is a known RMT company.
Invite (inv) 
(v) inv that guy to replace me
Used as part of a command: /sea all 68 brd inv
(acr)(phrase) In Real Life
IS or ISP 
(acr) Imperial Standing Points
(n.) nickname for the Tavnazian Safehold, Lufaise Meadows, the Misareaux Coast and the areas contained within those zones.
(acr) Item Spawned Notorious Monster or Imperial Standing Notorious Monster
(acr) (adj.) Incredibly Tough, see Check


(acr)(n.) Jaggedy-Eared_Jack
Job Ability (JA) 
(n.) timed abilities that enable players to endure greater trials, given proper use. See Job Ability.
(acr)(n.) Japanese Player


(acr.) Kilo, used to indicate thousands of something, usually gil or experience points.
(acr.)(n.) Short for King Arthro.
(acr.)(n.) Short for King Behemoth.
(v.) the act of grabbing an enemy's enmity, then having said enemy chase him or her for a prolonged period through running around the area it is found in. See Kiting.
(acr.) Knocked Out, see Death.
(acr.)(n.) King Ranperre's Tomb.
(acr)(n.) Kindred Seal Notorious Monster, a BCNM that requires an orb obtained by trading a certain NPC Kindred's Seals to enter. See BCNM. Also referred to as GCNM (Greater Circle Notorious Monster)


L1, L2, L3, L4, L5
Limit Break. See G1, G2, G3, G4, G5.
(n.) refers to slower internet (and thereby game) speed due to high server usage (lots of people on at one time).
(v.) the state of being affected by lag. "Sorry I'm taking so long, I'm lagging in Lower Jeuno."
(adj.) often used facetiously to indicate one is having trouble due to lag. "Wow, this is totally lagtastic!"
Level (LVL, Lv) 
(n.) a numerical value signifying your approximate power. The higher your level, the more powerful your character is. See Level.
(v.) the process of leveling up. "I want to level before I go to work."
Limit Break
See G1, G2, G3, G4, G5.
Line of Sight (LoS) 
(n.) the path of vision that leads away from your character, thus determining which monsters can be targeted and attacked (especially important for spells and ranged attacks). Certain terrain can block LoS, but other characters can't block it. LoS is also the way certain sight-aggroing mobs aggro.
Link (synonym - Add) 
(v.) aggro from multiple mobs; refers to mobs that aggro because either: 1) you aggroed a mob of the same type or 2) the mob took notice of a mob you aggroed. The goblins linked, pulling to zone. See link.
(n.) refers to the mob that linked to the target mob. Someone sleep the link.
Linkshell (LS) 
(n.) FFXI's version of online guilds or chatrooms. See Linkshell. "Gotta go guys, my LS needs me."
(acr)(n.) Leaping Lizzy
(acr)(v.) Laughing Out Loud. "That level 30 just attacked Serket?? LOL!"
Looking For Group (LFG) 
(v.) seeking a party, also LFP


(acr.) Mega, used to indicate millions of something, usually gil.
Mage (synonyms - Caster, Nuker) 
(n.) a character whose job relies heavily on magic
Magic Burst (MB) 
(v.) an action possible only directly after a Skillchain, which allows magic spells of a certain element to do more damage and be resisted less. See Magic Burst. "Skillchain is Distortion, MB ice and water."
Magic Points (MP) 
(n.) a numeric representation of a character's ability to cast spells. See Magic Points.
(n.) refers to a male player playing a Mithra (a female only playable race).
See Heal.
Mind (MND) 
(n.) stat that determines the effectiveness of all Healing Magic spells, most Enhancing Magic spells and some Enfeebling Magic spells, Holy Bolts and also has a direct impact on a character's Magic Defense. See Mind.
Mission (M) 
(n.) a special quest completed for rank points or other rewards. The specific content of missions ranges from odd jobs to top-secret operations. With higher levels come increased trust and the opportunity to undertake important missions with great rewards... and high stakes. See Missions.
(n.) The feline Mithra are an attractive race of fast-talking, dexterous females. Known for their lax view of laws and politics, the Mithra lean toward thievery and ranged combat whenever possible. Windurst is the home of most Mithra, owing to their alliance with the Tarutaru. See Mithra.
(acr)(n.) Massive Multiplayer Online / Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. FFXI is an MMORPG.
(abbr)(n.) Monk
(abbr)(n.) monster. Originally meant to mean a mobile object, the term now is used synonymously with monsters. See Mob. "Grab a mob, I want XP already."
Mog House or Mog (MH) 
(n.) one-room apartments that have been set aside in the residential areas of each nation for the sole use of adventurers. See Mog House.
(v.) the act of using the MH. "Hold on guys, I have to mog real quick."
Monster Player Kill (MPK) 
(v.) the killing of any other player in the game by luring a monster to attack them or by abusing the Area of Effect property of a monster's so that it hurts another person. This can be intentional or accidental, MPK refering typically to an intentional death. See MPK.
(n.) helpers that have been dispatched by the Mog House Management Union (MHMU) to support adventurers by dealing with the matters of each individual Mog House. The Moogles’ jobs include the management of the renters’ goods, upkeep of the room, and various other required services. See Moogle.
Moon (尽) 
(n.) refers to the northwest and northeast portions of Ro'Maeve past the Moon Gate. Access requires the Key Item - Moongate Pass which is obtained by clicking a ??? that is -- ironically -- within Moon itself. Access to Moon is granted by either 1) having somebody with a Moongate Pass open the Moon Gate for you or 2) waiting for free access between 00:00-03:00 on a full moon. The ??? is able to spawn during all moon phases.
(acr)(n.) mis-type, mis-text or mis-tell. This is typed after a message does not go to its intended audience. "I told my wife I can't pick up the kids 'cause I'm the MNK!" ... "mt"
(n.) an alternate character created expressly for carrying excess items and gear. "I'm going to log onto my mule to fetch a stack of crystals."
(v.) to move excess items and gear between a primary character and a mule character. "I need to mule up gear for the cap 60 bcnm". See Mule.


(acr)(n.) North American Player, usually used as a generalization of all English-speaking players
(v.) to weaken or make less dangerous in the interest of game balance. The term came about in gaming because the Nerf company creates harmless versions of harmful devices (swords, guns, etc). Hence, if a game developer makes a weapon less dangerous, it has “nerfed” that item. Mind you, this does not only apply to items and equipment; it also applies to classes, spells, etc. Definition taken from Nerfbat.
(n.) a person that is new to the world of FFXI
(abbr)(n.) Ninja
Non-Player Character (NPC) 
(n.) characters that are created by Square-Enix and are controlled by a computer, not a real person; for the roleplaying enthusiast, NPC stands for Non-Participating Citizen. See NPC.
(v.) to sell an item to an NPC. "Hold on guys, I gotta NPC some stuff."
(n.) a derogatory term for a player whose playing style is considered immature and/or whose lack of knowledge is voluntary and beyond mere ignorance. This term was originally a synonym for "Newbie", because players who are new to FFXI or MMORPGs in general don't know how to behave in the right way. Now the term describes a player who is playing some time and still didn't learn to behave right. "STFU! I'm level 100 on another server!"
Notorious Monster (NM) 
(n.) a mob that seldom spawns and is found in an area with similar mobs of a much lower level. NMs check as Impossible to Gauge and drop a variety of useful things. See NM.
(acr)(adj.)(n.)Normal Quality. A synthesis that produced a normal synthesis result, otherwise known as a non-High Quality result. See HQ.
(acr)(v.) the act of making a normal quality item
(n.1) an offensive magic spell. "Cool it on the nukes, you're pulling hate."
(n.2 Nuker) a party member whose role is to deal damage primarily via magic spells "We need a nuker for the skillchain."
(v.) dealing damage via magic "I want to nuke next fight!"
(acr)(n.) Noble's Tunic


Ohat or O-Hat 
(abbr)(n.) Optical Hat
(acr) On My Way
(acr) acronym for Out Of Magic
Orz (OTL Or2, On_, OTZ, O7Z, Sto, Jto, _no, _| ̄|○) 
(v.1) Japanese in origin, it is pictogram or emoticon of a person on their knees, head held low in humility. Often used when asking forgiveness. "I forgot to bring my armor. Orz."
(v.2) Similar to the above, except adapted by English-speaking players to be seen as slamming your head into the ground. "I finally found a coffer, but I left my key in my MH. Orz."
Outpost (OP) 
(n.1) wilderness posts where border guards are assigned to oversee conquest efforts and provide support for adventurers. See Outpost.
(n.2) quick method of transportation to an Outpost.
(v.) the process of teleporting to an Outpost via Outpost Teleporting.


Party (PT) 
(n.) a group of 2 or more people. See Partying.
(v.) to join into, or form, a group
(acr)(n.1) Personal Computer, one of the platforms that FFXI can be played on
(acr)(n.2) See Player Character.
(acr) (n.) see Peacock Charm
(acr)(v.) Powerlevel, the act of gaining levels via the assistance of someone much higher level than you. "Can you PL me?"
(acr)(n.) the high level person making the assist. "Do you have a PL?"
(abbr)(n.) Paladin
Player Character (PC) 
(n.) any character in the game that is controlled by a real person. See Player Character.
(acr)(n.) Promathia Mission, often accompanied by a chapter and mission number. We wiped twice to PM6-4 before we won.
See Spawn.
(abbrv.)(n1.) short for Potion. Used for all types of potions. "Hey, gimme a poison pot, I need to stay awake."
(abbrv.)(n2.) short for Magic Pots, a type of monster. "Watch out for pots, they aggro to magic."
(abbr)(v.) Process. Origin comes from MUD, a dated multiplayer online text-based fantasy game. Proc refers to when an additional effect created by a weapon randomly occurs. For instance, a Bloodsword has an additional effect of HP Drain, so this effect will "proc" randomly.
(acr)(n.) Playstation 2, one of the platforms that FFXI can be played on.
(v.) the act of luring the mob back to camp. "I'm tired of waiting, I'm pulling!"
(n. Puller) a party member whose role is to attract a mob's attention (see Aggro), and lure the mob back to the party's camp.
(abbr)(n.) Puppetmaster
(v.) Leetspeak for the English word Owned. "We beat this monster" with an emphasis on the skill required to do so, or the use of overkill. "Pwned!!!!!!!!!"


(n.) specific requests from private citizens that rarely result in worthwhile monetary gain, but add to fame when completed. See Quest.
(v.) the act of embarking on a quest. "Since we're not doing anything, I'll just quest for the rest of the day."


(abbr)(n.)(v.) Player that is potentially disconnecting from the game involuntarily. Refers to the Send/Recieve informations displayed at the top right of the screen. When you're about to disconnect, it often reads, R 0.
R1 / R2 / R3 
(abbr)(n.)(v.) see Raise I, Raise II, and Raise III.
(abbr) Are
(n.) the sentient humanoid species that inhabit Vana'diel. There are five playable races who are the children of Altana, and various beastmen that are also considered races.
Race-Specific Equipment (RSE) 
(n.) gear specifically designed for each race. Many times, the gear is also limited by the sex of the player as well. This equipment typically attempts to compensate for racial weaknesses. See Race Specific Equipment.
Raise (R)
(n.) a white magic spell used to revive a player from death. WHMs, RDMs and PLDs are able to use Raise; furthermore, higher level WHMs are able to use the spells Raise II (R2) and Raise III (R3). See Death. "Can we please get a raise over here?"
(v.) the act of using the spell Raise to revive somebody from death. "Can you raise my friend over there?"
(n.) the standing in the player's home nation. Higher rank allows players to select different conquest items and use certain items that would otherwise be restriced. Higher rank also increases the duration of signet.
(v.) to increase in ranking
Real Money Trade (RMT) 
(adj.) RMT is highly looked down upon and FFXIclopedia as a whole does not condone the participating in of RMT. If an ad for RMT appears on the left, please report it to the FFXIclopedia staff.
RMT includes buying/selling of gil, items, characters, and/or accounts. Note that all forms of RMT are in direct violation of the user agreement and are therefore considered cheating. Please report anyone you find engaging in RMT activities to a GM.
(n.) greater territories where clusters of areas are grouped into. These regions have a single controller to show which country is in charge of governing the areas within. This determines who can easily sell items, set their home point, and import items from each area.
(n.) Japanese for cooperation, connection, linking. In the context of FFXI this refers to Skillchain. See Renkei.
See Heal.
(abbr)(n.) Red Mage
(abbr) Region Map
(acr)(v.) see Real Money Trade.
(abbr)(n.) Ranger
Rolling Bones 
(acr)(n.) Another term for the Undead Swarm, parody of the popular magazine Rolling Stones.
(acr)(v.) Rolling on the Floor, Laughing. Often suffixed with 'MAO', making the full acronym Rolling on the Floor, Laughing My Ass Off.
RoZ or RotZ
(acr)(n.) Rise of the Zilart expansion
(acr)(n.) Reraise
(acr)(n.) see Race Specific Equipment.
RTG or R2G 
(acr)(v.) acronym for Ready To Go


(acr)(n.) Refers to the Thief Job Ability Sneak Attack.
(abbr)(n.) Samurai
(acr)(n.) Refers to the Thief stacking Sneak Attack upon Trick Attack. See SATA.
(n.) Aht Urhgan's version of Signet. See Sanction.
San d'Oria (synonyms - Sandy, SanD)
(n.) a city on the northern portion of the Quon continent where the Elvaan reside. See San d'Oria.
Sea (海) 
(n.) nickname for Al'Taieu, The Garden of Ru'Hmet and Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Search (/sea
/sea or sea
/sea: Used as a command: /sea all MNK 42 inv or as a verb: PT leader, please /sea if there is anyone to replace me
Search Comment (/seacom
/seacom, seacom
/seacom: Used to set three lines of text for other users to see or used as a noun: Check out that players /seacom
(acr)(n.) Scorpion Harness
(n.) a beneficial status effect that allows the acquisition of Conquest Points and crystals from defeated enemies that grant EXP. See Signet.
(acr.) (n.) Subjob
Skillchain (SC)(synonym - Renkei) 
(n.) an effect created by the use of one weapon skill used after another (a chain of weapon skills). This is a precise art, and only works with certain combinations. See Renkei.
Sky (空) 
(n.) nickname for Ru'Aun Gardens, Ve'Lugannon Palace, and Shrine of Ru'Avitau
(abbr)(n.) Summoner
(v.) to do a task or gain xp without the aid of a party or alliance.
(v.) to repeatedly cast a spell or do an ability over and over
Spawn (synonyms - Pop, Repop, Respawn) 
(v.) used when a monster's respawn timer is up, and the monster reappears into the game. "Don't camp here, a gob spawns here."
Square-Enix (S-E or SE) 
(n.) the developer of Final Fantasy XI. Sometimes facetiously referred to as Squeenix. "WAAH SE nerfed RNG!!!"
(acr.)(n.) Sea Serpent Grotto
(n.) a group of people who meet together on a regular basis to get experience points, work on missions, or work on quests
(acr.)(n.) Special Task Force Unit. Many players refer this new SE-related group as STFU because that force targets RMT and STFU is also an acr. for another derogative term that cannot be listed on FFXIclopedia.
Strength (STR) 
(n.) stat that is compared with an enemy's vitality to determine the minimum and maximum damage that a character's attacks will deal. See Strength.
See Support Job.
(n./adj.) a party member whose role is primarily to enhance the party members' abilities.
Support Job (synonyms Subjob, Sub) 
(n.) a job that can be "equipped" to allow a character to use its abilities, traits, and stats. An equipped support job is displayed at half the level of a character's main job, and as such only gives access to abilities and traits up to the displayed level. See Support Job.
See Crafting.


(acr) (adj.) Tough, see Check
(acr)(n.) Refers to the Thief Job Ability Trick Attack.
(n.) a party member whose role is to keep the mob's attention on himself/herself, and away from the other members.
(v.) the act of retaining the monster's attention.
Refers to the Tarutaru, the child-like player race. Tarutaru are short, physically weak, and somewhat childish. That said, they are talented in the mystic arts and can sow devastation wherever they go (should they so choose). Hailed as the finest Black and White Mages in the land, few can doubt the importance of Tarutaru in the struggle for Vana'diel. Windurst is the center of Tarutaru knowledge and education. See Tarutaru.
(n.) Tarutaru Paladin
(n.)(v.) A teleport, or the act of doing it.
(n.)(v.) A player who provides teleport service to other players, usually for monetary compesation. Or the act of doing it.
Tell (/tell
(v.) To send someone a private message. "Keep this conversation in tell."
(n.)(v.) A teleport, or the act of doing it. See Tele.
(abbr)(n.) Thief
(acr)(n.) Temple Knight. A suffix added to the name of San d'Orian Foreign Conquest Overseer or Outpost sentry NPCs.
(acr) (prep) To Next Level. Used when asking how much experience you need to get to next level.
(acr) Treasures of Aht Urhgan
(acr)(n.) the time at which a Notorious Monster died, which is often used to determine the next time it will spawn. See Time of Death.
(acr)(n.) see Tactical Points
(n.) a group of attacking mobs that have linked to each other
(v.) the act of linking many mobs to each other, usually for the purpose of farming
(v2.) the act of running away from a group of mobs that have linked or aggroed to the same person or group. Before certain updates, this could cause MPK, particularly the trains of bats notoriously found in Garlaige Citadel, or the crawler trains once found in the Crawlers' Nest.
(acr) (adj.) Too Weak, see Check
Two-Hour Ability (2HR) 
(n.) the ability inherent to a specific job, obtained at level 1, usable once every 2 hours. See Two Hour Ability.


(abbr) You
(abbr) Your or You're


(acr)(n.) Valkurm Emperor
Vending machine 
(n.) A term used to describe an extremely easy monster who drops valuable items. "Another Venomous Claw! Genbu is such a vending machine."
Vitality (VIT) 
(n.) stat that affects a character's defense and the amount of damage a character takes. See Vitality.
(acr) Very Nice
(abbr)(n.) the Job Ability Provoke.
(v.) the process of using the Job Ability Provoke.
(acr) (adj.) Very Tough, see Check


(abbr)(v.) warai (わらい/笑), Japanese for laughter; it is the equivalent of LOL. Lowercase w is more commonly seen and can be chained together as in www much the same way lolol is used.
(abbr)(n.) Warrior
(acr)(n.) water closet, a.k.a. bathroom. Usually used in conjunction with afk or brb. "brb WC"
Weapon Skill (WS)
(n.) action command that is usable when a character has 100% TP or more. See Weapon Skill.
(abbr)(n.) White Mage
(n.) A third party software program for the personal computer that enables Final Fantasy XI to run in a pseduo window mode.
Windurst (synonyms - Windy) 
a city on the Mindartia continent where Tarutaru and Mithra reside. See Windurst.
(v.) the death of most, or all, of a party. "We wiped on Kirin today."
(n.) When used as part of a search comment, denotes that a player has unlocked access to every area in the game.
(acr)(n.) see Weapon Skill or Renkei.
(acr)(n.) War Warlock. A suffix added to the name of Windurstian Foreign Conquest Overseer or Outpost sentry NPCs.


Xbox or X-Box (synonym - 360) 
(n.) the X-Box 360, one of the platforms that FFXI can be played on
(acr)(n.) Experience Points.
(v.) the act of gaining experience points.


(abbr) Why


(v.) the act of using mass numbers to achieve an objective. Derived from the game Starcraft by Blizzard (who makes World of Warcraft). The Zerg were like a race of swarming insects of large size. The basic strategy of any Zerg player was to use mass quantities of troops, preferably the cheap kind, to overwhelem an opponent. (More information here) When adapted to Final Fantasy XI, this could be like the Dynamis Lord where you literaly have anywhere from 50 to 60 people unloading everything they have on a single target. "We are zerging this mission with black mages."
(acr)(n.) Zilart Mission, often accompanied by a number. We're going to do ZM 5 tonight.
(n.) another name for an area of the game. "What zone are we in?"
(v.) the act of moving from one area of the game to another. "This mob's too strong! Zone!!!"

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