Changes the caster's stance.


Fighting Stance α causes Wamouracampa (MON) to roll into a ball, or to uncurl to its default form.

Uncurled stance

Curled stance

  • Higher defense.
  • Can use the exclusive ability Cannonball.


Fighting Stance α causes Gnole (MON) to stand on its hind legs, assuming a stance akin to Alpha Gnole Anders, or to return to its four-legged stance.

4-legged stance

  • Higher attack stat.
  • Attacks once per round, unlike most Monk monsters.
  • Little to no chance of guarding.Verification Needed
  • Can use the exclusive ability Fevered Pitch.
  • To maximize damage-dealing potential, use Fighting Stance α (30 TP), Cacophony (150 TP), and then Fighting Stance α (30 TP) again to return to four-legged stance while retaining the Haste and enhanced Counterstance buffs.
    • This requires a steady stream of TP accumulation.

2-legged stance

  • Lower Attack stat.
  • Attacks twice per round, like most Monk monsters.
  • Affected by Martial Arts.
  • Can use the exclusive abilities Nox Blast, Asuran Claws, and Cacophony.
  • High Guarding rate.
  • Takes less damage while tanking many monsters at once, but also deals less damage, prolonging the battle and possibly negating this benefit.