For the Trust Magic version of this NPC, see Trust: Ferreous Coffin.

Ferreous Coffin.jpg
Ferreous Coffin
White Mage
Batallia Downs (S) (I-11)/J-11)


  • Will use Randgrith repeatedly when meleeing:
    "Return to the dust from whence you came! Randgrith!!!"
  • Wields Mjollnir.
  • Casts Raise III on KO'ed players in battles, with a significant Fast Cast effect.
  • Uses an ability called Reviviscence to remove Weakness from players.
  • Appears not to attack anything unless attacked first. Verification Needed

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

A most virtuous priest, who wanders all corners of Vana'diel, filling his belly-welly bread and alms. Some swear they've seen a twisted smile on his face as he buries his enemies and offers up prayers in their name. He came from the far north, and recently has been spending much of his time in Batallia Downs. Whatever is said of him, there can be no questioning his faith in the Goddess, thataru's for sure. He was never one to talk much, and certainly not one to mince words when he does. It seems he prefers the company of white mages, though. I've heard it said that he has been lending-wending his fists to the Allied Forces as of late.

How to Influence


"I am offering a prayer for those poor souls whose lives have been prematurely extinguished. And you...you are bound for the battlefield, are you not? My thoughts are with you also.

When spoken to as a White Mage:
"Your presence evokes long-forgotten memories within and reminds me of the hopes and dreams that were my driving force in youth. Insignificant though my powers may be, perhaps the time has come to return to the fray and do my part for the greater good."

When casting Raise III:
"It is not yet your time."

When using Reviviscence:
"Be strong, for the Goddess is with you, always."

When Allied

  • When Allied to San d'Oria, Ferreous Coffin stand atop the wall in Southern San d'Oria (S) at (G-9)
  • When Allied to Bastok, Ferreous Coffin stands behind the Music Shop in Bastok Markets (S) at (K-10).
  • When Allied to Windurst, Ferreous Coffin stands next to the Allied Tags NPC in Windurst Waters (S) at (F-5).