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Feast of Swords (4/28/2005)
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Master, you have to help us, kupo!

Have you heard of the Feast of Swords?

It's a Far Eastern festival that celebrates the health and growth of boys. People decorate with huge flags in the shape of fish, and dress their sons in fancy armor, kupo. There are also lots of magical, yummy goodies to eat, of course...

Oops, talking about festivals always distracts me, kupo!

After the slight hiccup with the Doll Festival, the M.H.M.U. decided to hold a festival that appealed to the male half of the adventuring population. We sought the advice of a distinguished samurai, and began preparing for the Feast of Swords, kupo.

Our samurai adviser kindly brought in some sets of legendary armor from the Far East to lend an authentic feel to the event. That's when our problems began, kupo...

Someone--or something--broke into our vaults and stole the suits of armor, kupo!

Now the very same criminals have donned their ill-gotten costumes, infused them with their tainted auras, and are rampaging around the countryside!

We took the bad news to the samurai and this is what he said, kupo:
"I borrowed those suits of armor from the noble Genji family, a famous line of samurai. While I doubt that any blade could even raise a scratch, any damage to these rare and valuable artifacts could develop into a diplomatic nightmare. However, I believe that the evil entities corrupting the armor can be driven out through the use of specially blessed wooden katana. There is no other way to solve this dilemma."

We must retrieve those suits of armor intact before the Feast of Swords is over. I don't want to be looking over my shoulder for retribution-seeking ninja assassins from the Far East, kupo!

The M.H.M.U. put the festival preparations on hold to order a mountain of wooden katana.

Please help us, kupo! Talk to an M.H.M.U. moogle to get your weapon, and then receive a special blessing from the nomad moogles outside town. Take the fight to those thieving scoundrels!

The peace of Vana'diel--and the fate of the moogles--rests on your shoulders, kupo!

Event Participation

  • Characters will be eligible to participate in the event by talking to the moogles around the three main nations.
  • Players wishing to rejoin the event must speak to the moogles once more.
  • A level restriction will be imposed during event participation. Please be aware that any equipment that exceeds the level restriction will be unequipped automatically.
  • Characters will be unable to attack or be attacked by normal monsters while the level restriction is in effect.
  • This event is scheduled to begin at 17:00 on April 27 and end at 0:00 on May 9 (PDT).
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Notorious Monsters


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