Job Ability

  • Grants a powerful resistance to enfeebling magic.
  • Obtained: Paladin Level 75
  • Recast Time: 0:10:00
  • Duration: 0:01:00


  • Learned by spending 3 Merit Points in the Paladin-specific category two.
  • Grants one minute of enfeeble resistance.
  • Generates a fair amount of enmity.
  • Blocks status ailments from monster abilities (e.g. Radiant Breath will not silence and slow).
  • Does not grant resistance to the elemental resistance down effects of ninjutsu spells/threnody songs.
  • Does not grant resistance to songs at all.
  • Does not block the petrify effect from the Peiste's Grim Glower.
  • Does block Stun.
  • Does block the Demon's Hecatomb Wave that causes blind.
  • Blocks all status effects except for Terror and Death (it will, however, block the Doom status effect which can be dealt by the Tauri family, certain Yagudo NMs in Dynamis, and other specific mobs). This includes any enfeeble that can be removed by any -na spell (such as Poison, Paralyze and Silence), and any enfeeble that can be removed by the White Mage spell Erase. It will block Charm (Status Effect) from monsters such as Vrtra and Jailer of Justice. It will NOT block Dia, Bio, or elemental DoT spells, such as Shock or Burn.
  • Greatly reduces damage taken from Mijin Gakure, Meteor and Alexander's two hour ability Divine Judgment. Assumed to work with other avatar style Astral Flow skills. Damage reduction is 93.75% (15/16).

Macro Syntax

  • /ja Fealty <me>