Mission Name Fate's Call
Number 1-3-1
Requirements Rank 6 in home nation
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A Land After Time What Lies Beyond


  • Zone into any beginning city area connected to the Mog House for a cutscene (optional for people who have rank 6 or higher).
    • You need to have defeated The Shadow Lord in order to get this Cut Scene. If you warp back to your home town after defeating him, this cutscene activates automatically, before you can claim Rank 6.
      • If you are already Rank 6, you can skip this and head straight to Norg.
    • Depending on nation, it will take approximately 3-4 hours to finish missions up to rank 6.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Lion has seen another vision. The orb you received must be filled with sufficient light to stop the encroaching darkness. Vanquish the Shadow Lord before the reckoning comes. If you have already done so, report to Gilgamesh in Norg.
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