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Maina & Gawaoda
-Fashion Tips-
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Hey everyone, Maina here.

Did you know?

The chocobo that the Tarutaru and Mithra ride are a smaller breed called "jennet."

"Maina, I was the one who told you about that the other day!"

"Is that right? Well, let's not dwell on minor details..."

Gawada knows a lot of things.

"Hey, hey, how did you get to know so much about stuff? What's your secret?"

"I don't profess to be especially knowledgeable, but I would say that the key is curiosity, the desire to learn more about the world."

"Curiosity, eh...? Now that you mention it, there is one thing I've been curious about for a long time."

"If I can be of any assistance..."

"Yeah, you can, because what I'm interested in is Galka."

"R, really? Well I uh, um... (/blush)

"Yeah, I really wanna see a Galka reincarnation firsthand."

Gawada is starting to sweat a lot... I wonder if he's about to reincarnate...?

"If you'll kindly excuse me for today!"

Hmm, I wonder when I'll meet my Galkan prince who will satisfy my curiosity...


Gawaoda here.

Something has been troubling me as of late.

"It seems that I haven't been able to gain levels as easily as before. I'm concerned that I won't grow any stronger..."

"Oh, don't worry about that! I'm positive that there's still a lot of hidden power within you."


"Of course! Although you can't see them now Gawada, there are wings on your back, and when they spread out one of these days, you can soar to the heavens!"

"Thank you, Maina... I will endeavor not to disappoint you."

"For now, you can use this to fly... Come on, try it from that terrace over there."


"Come onnn... Hurry up and show me that you can fly!"

This... This is a papillion firework!

Wardrobe Change
Fashion Tips1.jpg

I bought some new clothes today, yay!

I'll have to tell Gawada to come over so I can show them off.

"Hey, Gawada? This is an emergency! Come over right away!"

"I got here as fast I could. What's the matter?"

"So... what? You look at me and don't notice anything different?"

"Ah, you bought some new clothes... yet again. You look very nice."

"Don't I though? This style is all the rage among the girls right now."

"Maina, did you happen to notice that I too..."

"Hey look, look! Look at this shiny ring! Isn't it pretty? It's a very rare item!"

"I have this new armor..."

"Okay then, emergency over! I'm gonna disband for today... click!"

Maina starts casting Warp on Maina.

"What? But I came all equipped to go adventuring! You promised to take me somewhere new..."

Maina casts Warp.

Maina vanishes.

"You know, I can finally go to places like Davoi and Garlaige and... Hey, wait! Mainaaa!"

Fashion Tips
Fashion Tips2.jpg

I thought that I had put forth a decent effort, but Miss Maina the fashion expert apparently thought otherwise.

"Gawada, you have to learn more about coordinating! How do you pick out what to wear every day?"

"I've been doing a lot of fighting near Windurst these days, so I thought that I'd wear a robe to... you know, look like a mage."

"Oh, so there really isn't that much thought behind it at all."

"I wouldn't say that... I take many factors into consideration. What enemies we are fighting, the weather..."

"But you're serving as the tank today! Why choose a robe for that?"

"Uh... Yes, I suppose you're right..."

In the end Maina will end up being the tank anyway, so I really don't think what I'm wearing is that important...

"Oh, but I do like that pointy hat. It looks cool. Did you get that in Windurst too?"

I'm not wearing a hat...

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 11

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