Job Ability

  • Reduces physical damage taken and increases enmity but renders Samba unusable. Physical damage reduction gradually decreases with each hit taken.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 75 Merit Group 2
  • Recast Time: 3 minutes
  • Duration: 5 minutes


  • Each upgrade shortens Waltz recast times by 5%. Maximum upgrade 5/5 decreases Waltz recast time by 20%.
  • Cancels any Samba effects currently active upon use.
  • Does not stack with Saber Dance.
  • Saber Dance will overwrite Fan Dance, and Fan Dance will overwrite Saber Dance.
  • Physical Damage Mitigation is 90% and goes down by 10% with every successfully landed monster attack until reduced to 20% where it will stay for the duration or until recast.
  • Adds +15 Enmity.
  • Etoile Bangles +2 increases the minimum PDT by 1% per merit and the gloves do not have to be worn on activation, but must be worn to receive this bonus.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Fan Dance" <me>