• Torsos are one of the three segments used in creating a Skirmish Simulacrum.
  • Of the three pieces, this one affects the size of the area, Primary and Secondary Objectives, Completion Time as well as the number of rewards obtaining from using a Fenestral Key.
  • Depending on the Tier/Rank of this piece, Oston charges accordingly.
  • Using a Faithful's Torso V makes the largest and most difficult form of the area's Skirmish available, completing this battlefield will give the players a title upon completion.

How to Obtain

  • Of the many ways to obtain pieces, the most common way is through Reives.
  • Other ways include Mining, Logging and Harvesting. The only downside to this method, (as reported by most players) is the limit in which a player can gather through these methods. KeyItem Cherished Tools increase the number of times one can procure items while KeyItem Critical Skill increases the chance of obtaining High Quality yields, thus helping to obtain Simulacra Pieces.


The following faithful's torsos exist:

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