Start NPC Bostillette Batallia Downs
Requirements Complete Chasing Shadows
Title Granted Fangmonger Forestaller
Repeatable No
Reward Griffon Ring
Ability to purchaseKeyItemAtma of Camaraderie
Ability to learn Trust: Excenmille (S)
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Chasing Shadows Mission: Adieu, Lilisette


Battlefield Details

  • Buffs are removed upon entry.
  • Trusts are dismissed upon entry but can be re-summoned once inside.
  • Even though this battlefield takes place in the present, Sigil effects from the past work (Regen, Refresh, Increased Meal Duration) since the battle is in Everbloom Hollow.
  • Exp is not lost upon death.
  • This is a 30 min fight.
  • After entry, you will have about 1 min to do anything before the stones start their attack.
  • This fight is against a Fangmonger Colossus and multiple Tombstones.
  • You fight alongside Excenmille and Maxcimille. Bostillette joins you about ~5min into the fight.
    • All 3 can be buffed with Protect, Shell, and Haste.
    • If any of them die during this fight you will automatically lose and be ejected from the battle. Exclamation
  • Only Fangmonger Colossus needs to die to win this battle.

Fangmonger Colossus:

  • Uses Seismostomp (AoE damage + Stun).
    • Can be absorbed by 2 shadows.
  • Uses Numbing Glare (possibly frontal cone Paralyze). The paralysis effect isn't very strong and it is not a gaze attack.
  • Can be Stunned.
  • Does not cast magic like Dynamis Orc Statues.


  • They are easy with possibly 1,000 HP or lower, taking high physical damage.
  • They will be respawned after all the other Tombstones are defeated. This only happens when Zogbog says "Go forth, Fangmonger Stone Legion, and lay waste to those who would defy my will!".
    • Can also be respawned after a certain amount of time has gone by.
  • Does not cast magic like Dynamis Orc Statues.



  • Will say "Be not the fool who swims clad in armor, boy!" before using Great Divide.
    • This deals AoE damage and stun. Exclamation


Game Description

Bostillette, (Batallia Downs)
Your latest encounter with Zogbog has led to you being hurled through time. No sooner had you awakened in present day Vana'diel than Iron Ram Engineer Bostillette appeared to entreat your aid. Make your way to base camp in the Jugner Forest if you would know more.

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