Start NPC Moogle:
Southern San d'Oria (G-9)
Port Bastok (K-7)
Windurst Waters (F-9)
Items Needed Many chartreuse stone shards (lottery-based)
Earth Crystal
Water Crystal
Wind Crystal
Fire Crystal
Ice Crystal
Lightning Crystal
Light Crystal
Dark Crystal
Repeatable Available Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 12:00 a.m. (PST), to Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at 12:00 a.m. (PST).
Reward Green Spriggan Coat
Green Spriggan Club
Spriggan Fetish
Spriggan (MON)
Green Spriggan Lolli
Spriggan Spark


This miniquest does not appear in the quest log.

There is no first prize due to translation errors. Second and third should actually be first and second.

Second prize (3.3%)
- select one of: Green Spriggan Coat, Green Spriggan Club, Green Spriggan Lolli, or Spriggan Spark
Third prize (2.6%)
- select one of: Green Spriggan Club, Green Spriggan Lolli, or Spriggan Spark
Booby prize (94.1%)
- select one of: Green Spriggan Lolli (Exclusive candy; cannot be sold to NPCs) or Spriggan Spark (firework; sells to NPCs for ~35 gil)
  • When satisfied with your amount of stones, return to the moogle who restricted your level, and choose to return to the starting moogle in the city.
  • Talk to the starting moogle and spend your stones to try to obtain the Green Spriggan Coat and Green Spriggan Club
    • If you do not obtain the coat and club, farm more stones and try again.
    • Be sure you have enough inventory space to receive the item.
  • After obtaining both the Green Spriggan Coat and Green Spriggan Club, you receive a cutscene.
    • This cutscene is not required. You can skip obtaining the Spriggan gear and simply trade crystals after winning a booby prize.
  • Trade one of each elemental crystal to the Spriggan Sifter (NPC) next to the moogle to receive a Spriggan Fetish.
    • You can trade them one at a time.
    • You need 8 crystals total, one from each element.
  • Trade the Spriggan Fetish to Suibhne in the Feretory to unlock Spriggan (MON).

Game Description

Moogles (Three nations)
Although spriggans are spread across many areas of Eorzea, they had never before been seen outside that realm until recently. Some spriggans have been transported out of Eorzea and have come to infest Vana'diel. Moogles appear to be able to converse with the quixotic creatures, but what could the spriggans possibly want?