Drop rates are currently way off do to some using Treasure Hunter while others are not. From pain staking data collected from a player on Fenrir that took the time to always kill 100 of a mob for their data collecting, and made sure that farming was not done during full or new moons, the following base drop rates appear to be true

  • These are base drop rates, no TH
    • Common = 16%
    • Uncommon = 8%
    • Rare = 4%
    • Very Rare = 2%

There may also be Very Common and Extremely Rare drops By applying other known game mechanics I hypothesize that drops work on a 256 value, much like haste do to the repeated pattern of power of 2 in the drop rate percentages. We are currently working together to try and figure out exactly what each TH level does.

  • The note that says 'no modification needed for drop values including treasure hunters are needed, as the numbers will eventually even out' is crazy wrong, since a good portion of the playerbase will always be using treasure hunter. I highly suggest that numbers that include TH should not be used, or added as a separate drop value percent.

Lack of proper use...

I have noticed on various pages, especially NMs and BCNMs, that people are deliberatly not updating drop rates properly. Often times I see 3-4 items at one x/y value. And other items on the same mob at a different y value.

For example: As of posting this, Brothers D'Aurphe is listed as

One of:
Creek M Clomps (9/60)
Creek F Clomps (5/54)
Marine M Boots (8/54)
Marine F Boots (12/60)
Wood M Ledelsens (4/54)
Wood F Ledelsens (6/54)
Dune Sandals (4/54)
River Gaiters (9/54)
One of:
Scroll of Flare (15/53)
Scroll of Valor Minuet IV (19/53)
Scroll of Reraise II (14/53)
One of:
Cross-Counters (3/70)
Sunstone (6/53)
Zircon (4/53)
Jadeite (5/53)
Clear Chip (0|/3)
Red Chip (2/53)
Yellow Chip (2/53)
Gold Ingot (8/53)
Purple Rock (1/53)
White Rock (1/53)
One of:
Steel Ingot (7/53)
Translucent Rock (6/53)
Darksteel Ingot (6/53)
Painite (3/60)
Ebony Log (7/53)
White Chip (0/53)
Moonstone (8/53)
Zircon (4/53)
Fluorite (3/53)
Chrysoberyl (3/53)
Green Rock (2/53)
Hi-Reraiser (2/53)
Vile Elixir +1 (2/53)
Unknown groupings:
Eurytos' Bow (3/70)
Mythril Ingot (16/53)
Blue Chip (1/53)
Black Chip (2/53)
Purple Chip (0/53)
Green Chip (1/53)
Mahogany Log (2/25)
Red Rock (1/25)
Hi-Potion +3 (6/53)
Black Rock (1/7)

I don't know about anyone else but I find this disturbing. So I propose we create a category/template of pages that require Drop Rate recalculation and/or resetting. If we go about recalculation, then someone needs to check the edit history of the page to undo the earliest edit that caused drop rates to go off balance. That or we reset these to a 0/0 drop rate ad start over. --Damonmensch 21:55, December 5, 2009 (UTC)

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