User boxes are uniformly formatted boxes to be used on a user page to indicate various FFXI related facts or interests. These templates should only be used on a user page. Feel free to make additional FFXIclopedia-appropriate/related userboxes and add them to the appropriate subpage below. To use the userboxes, place the Userboxtop template first followed by a pipe and the character's name. Then add the appropriate userbox templates. Finally add the Userboxbottom template at the end of the list. Some other userboxes require levels to be added as well. For example, the following will generate what you see on the right side of this page:

Your Name
Bstsmall This user is a level 72 Beastmaster.
This user is a Citizen of Windurst
Rank 6
What you type
{{Userboxtop|Your Name}}
{{Citizen of Windurst|6}}

See the below subpages for previously made userboxes.