Start NPC Take - Mhaura I-8
Requirements Windurst Reputation ≥ 3
Items Needed Land Crab Meat
Scream Fungus
Title Granted Three-star Purveyor
Reward Tableware Set
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His Name is Valgeir The Clue



  • After completing His Name is Valgeir you will need to wait an unknown amount of time before you will be given this quest; 8 game days is likely.
  • Take says she wants to sample a taste of Valgeir's cooking and while she doesn't quite ask you to go to Selbina, you should now see the quest flagged.
  • Once there, talk to Valgeir and he'll ask you to collect a Scream Fungus and a piece of Land Crab Meat.
  • It will take Valgeir 24 game hours to make the dish after you give him the items.
  • Take the Land Crab Bisque back to Take in Mhaura for your reward.

Game Description

Take (Sailors' Stay, Mhaura)
Take wants you to bring back one of Valgeir's dishes from Selbina.