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Experience Points 1-37 Work in progress. Starts at level 37. Guide is written in order, where the first entries on table are for parties starting at level x0 and the last entries on that table are for parties starting at level x9.

Note Working on trying to get the correct party level ranges for WoTG camps - the camp level range may list the mob's actual level range for duo/trio action. WoTG camps have GREEN backgrounds.

* means take special care when pulling a certain mob.

Camps with light red backgrounds are popular camps and some of them only support a limited number of parties. /sea the zone ahead of time before deciding on a camp.

Level 37-40

Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
37-40 Crawlers' Nest Nest Beetle G-9 Map 1 1 party. No longer viable due to May 2011 update.
37-42 East Ronfaure (S) Colibri
H-8 (near Cheval River) Arrowburn/daggerburn/poleburn recommended, as both mobs very weak to piercing weapons. Try to set up camp along eastern side of the zone, but east of the river. It is possible to pull in 20k xp per hour with at least 1 PL and a party setup of 5 DD (preferably with polearms or arrows) and a BRD or COR - and there is some video proof of it going on. The use of Level Sync is strongly encouraged.
38-41 Fei'Yin Ore Golem
J-7 Map 1
J-10 Map 1

Hallway east of fountain room
2 parties. Beware of farmers in area. Ninja tank and white mage with Erase required. Beware of weaker bats.
38-43 Yhoator Jungle Worker Crawler
Big Jaw
Tier 5 Goblins
Master Coeurl
Beware of NM at J-7 camp
38-42 Gustav Tunnel Hell Bat
Tier 5 Goblins
Greater Gayla
Beware of Bune and NM Goblin. Camps on the first map.
Sea Serpent Grotto Grotto Pugil
Silver Beastcoin Door
L-12 Map 1
2 parties. Strongest mobs behind Silver Beastcoin door. Roaming parties heavily recommended if fighting behind the door.
38-42 Misareaux Coast Makara
Diatrymas do not sleep. All members must complete CoP Chapter 1.
39-40 Pso'Xja Maze Lizard
F-7 tower (first room)
40 cap area (G-7 tower)
Warp/Teleport/Escape required to get out of G-7 tower. F-7 tower is uncapped. White Mage required.
37-40 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Goblin
Lesser Gaylas
Outpost Mages must /whm. Excellent camp for daggerburn or arrowburn. Beware of the Rock Golem's location. Bats are often used to maintain chains.
40 Phomiuna Aqueducts Makara
Hell Bat
Map 2 1 party. 40-cap area. WHM with Erase required. All members must be on CoP2-3 or past that point.
40 Riverne - Site A01 Hawker All mages need to have /whm. Barwatera is a must. All members should have level 40 or higher jobs. 40-cap area. All members must be on CoP2-5 or past that point.

Level 40s

Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
40-46 Toraimarai Canal Hell Bat
Canal Bats
43: Makara
43: Bigclaw
H-6/H-7 Map 1
I-9 Map 1
F-9 Map 1
At least 1 member must have Portal Charm. Everything aggros sound. Spot Sneaking around slimes and skeletons may be necessary. There are a few spots where no mobs pop or roam into, so focus on setting up camp in those spots.
40-43 Garlaige Citadel Citadel Bats staircase on map 1
behind Gate 1.
Beware of undead and magic sensitive mobs behind Gate 1. Roaming party suggested, going around circles.
40-43 Eastern Altepa Desert Tier 5 Goblins Outpost Beware of Lost Soul.
41-44 Crawlers' Nest Soldier Crawler
Doom Scorpion
G-9 Map 1
South end of North Map
North end of South Map
Watch out for Water Elemental on south map.
41-44 Attohwa Chasm Ogrefly
Master Coeurl
L-10 1 party. WHM is required. Mages must sub WHM.
41-45 Western Altepa Desert Desert Beetle Revelation Rock
Watch out for links that happen due to pops.
42-45 Xarcabard Kindred Baileys zone 1 party.
42-47 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Master Coeurl
Hell Hound
Mages must /whm and bring echo drops. At least 1 WHM recommended, or mages must carry remedies. Monk parties, blue mage parties, and manaburn parties have an advantage here. During day it will be coeurls, at night undead.
42-45 Castle Zvahl Baileys Demon Pawn
Tier 5 Goblins
Evil Eye
Baileys zone
Goblin Section
1 party. Oils and powders required to reach goblin section. Kindred will resist lullaby.
42-45 Crawlers' Nest Labyrinth Lizard
North map between lizard rooms
South Map for Hornflies.
1 party for lizards. WHM or /whm required.
43-46 Lufaise Meadows Leshachikha G-6 Beware of Thunder Elemental that spawns by Leshys. All members must complete CoP Chapter 1. Uses damaging area-of-effect moves as well as Slumber Powder.
44-48 Labyrinth of Onzozo Cockatrice
Tier 6 Goblin
H-9 Know when that Cockatrice in H-9 tunnel will repop. WHM required for Stona. Echo Drops strongly recommended. Avoid Goblin Miners if possible (THF goblin)
45-49 Yhoator Jungle Tier 6 Goblin Ifrit Cauldron zones
3 parties. RNG and WAR goblins
45-49 EA
49-52 WA
Quicksand Caves Helm Beetle
Sand Spider
K-7 EA: main zone, C-9, H-11
J-10 EA: zone, east end of hall
J-9 WA: zone, E-11 (leads to another map in small hallway)
There is a level difference of the mobs. Weakest from East Altepa zones and strongest in West Altepa zones. Each camp supports 1 party. Echo drops strongly recommended. Certain camps require sneak to reach. Carby pulling recommended at the E-11 camp if you enter from Western Altepa desert.
46-50 Bostaunieux Oubliette Funnel Bats Just south of sewer hatch landing Sneak up before dropping down. Watch out for pops. Bring a Bard and/or Carby pull. Don't go past the hounds.
46-52 Garlaige Citadel Funnel Bats
Chamber Beetle
Front side of Gate 2
Behind Gate 2
4 parties. Watch out for backside Citadel Bats if camping in Basement. If in Basement, watch out for HNM Serket. Only fish bombs if party members need 50 cap item. Ranged pull only (certain mobs detect magic). Basement camp removed as of May 2011 update; Gate 2 camps are still good.
46-52 Crawlers' Nest Rumble Crawler
Blazer Beetle
North map (Rumble Room)
or South Map (hidden hallway, Rumble Room, Exoray Room)
Take care of Wespe's move (especially Final Sting which ignores defense). Pull Exorays only if a party member needs the 50 cap quest item. Beware of elementals.
47-53 Sea Serpent Grotto Rock Crab
Behind mythril beastcoin door 1 party. With exception of leeches, all the mobs aggro sound. Level difference of mobs behind door, with mobs by pugils stronger.
48-54 The Eldieme Necropolis Ka
Fallen Knight
Beaucedine side
Hume Bones Camp.
Ninja tank for Kas, Monk/Manaburn party recommended. Beware of elementals at Hume Bones spot.
49-55 Toraimarai Canal Lich
Canal Pugil
Full Moon Fountain
G-7 Map 2
Monk or manaburn party recommended for skeletons. Beware of weaker mobs that may wander. At least 1 member must have Portal Charm. Canal Pugils are underground parts of Map 2.


Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
Crawlers' Nest Helm Beetle
53:Knight Crawler
53:Crawler Hunter
South Map Rumble Room
Awd Googie Room
1 party at each camp. Beware of the pop in hallways at either camp. Coffer key dropping mobs. Beware of scorpion's moves.
51-56 Kuftal Tunnel Robber Crab
Sand Lizard
Altepa zone
Teriggan Zone
Lizard Room
4 parties. Black Mage strongly suggested for Freeze Magic Burst. Members must be closer to level 54-55 before lizards can be pulled. Beware of Guivre and Air Elementals.
~50 Bostaunieux Oubliette Werebat West Ronfaure zone 1 party. Beware of the undead further in. Level 50 Party with DNC and RDM and PLD tank have hardly mobs for chaining.
~51-57 Caedarva Mire Chigoe (from Wild Karakul) J-9 Manaburn only, critical hits kill chigoe and give no XP. Must have 1 or 2 people outside of the party to hold the sheep to do their TP moves.
51-55 Boyahda Tree Bark Spider First map funguar rooms 2 parties. WHM required for Erase.
52-55 Uleguerand Range Variable Hare
Uleguerand Tiger
Near the zone 2 parties. Beware of snoll and hounds. Mages must sub WHM.
53-57 Ro'Maeve 1st tier weapons Zitah zone 1 party. Ranged pull only.
53-57 Garlaige Citadel Over Weapon
Vault Weapon
Basement 1 party. Coffer key dropping mob. SMN for Carby pulling helps.
53-57 King Ranperre's Tomb Dire Bat
Armet Beetle
Second map stairs 2 parties. Beware of repops.
54-57 Boyahda Tree Robber Crab
Knight Crawler
First map lake 2 parties. Beware of water elementals and NM crab.
54-60 Bhaflau Thickets Lesser Colibri
58: Aht Urhgan Attercop
2 parties. Do not chain the colibri until 54 at the earliest.
54-58 Wajaom Woodlands Lesser Colibri K-7
3 parties. Beware of the Air Elemental spawns just south of Leypoint. 54 is the earliest you can chain these mobs.
55-59 Caedarva Mire Marsh Murre Outside Nashmau 1 party per zone.
55-59 Attohwa Chasm Monarch Ogrefly F-6 1 party. Mages must be WHM or /WHM.
55-60 Gustav Tunnel Robber Crab
Tier 7 Goblin
South end of Map 2 2 parties. Beware of Doom Guard and NM Goblin. WHM/BST/WAR testimony mobs.
55-58 Vunkerl Inlet (S) Robber Crab
Stygian Pugil
G-9 3 parties. Beware of Thunder Elemental and Haunt. Easy access to camp as it is near the fort, and you can talk to the C.A. to warp to that area. The pugils and crabs do not aggro, and a pixie roams along the northwest part. It is also possible to set up camp on the bridge for shorter pulls, but campaign battles often spill out.
55-60 Cape Teriggan Sand Lizard
Tier 7 Goblin
Center of Map
2 parties. WHM required. All members should have outpost warp unlocked for easy camp access.
55-59 Pashhow Marshlands (S) Snipper Fort 1 party. Camp at south side of the fort. Only 3 snippers spawn, so kills need to be paced.
56-60 Cape Teriggan Robber Crab
Terror Pugil
South Valley of Sorrows zone. 2 parties. All members should have outpost warp unlocked for easy camp access.
56-60 Toraimarai Canal Scavenger Crab
Stygian Pugil
I-8 Map 2 (small connecting hallway) All members should have access to this zone from Windurst Walls (which is quested). Sneak required to reach camp, which is actually between crab/pugil pops. Take care of Cutlass Scorpion in the room. Coffer key dropping mobs. The room has about 15-20 mobs to kill in 16 minutes.
56-60 Kuftal Tunnel Deinonychus
Tier 7 Goblin
Phantom Lake
WSNM camp
3 parties. Take special care if a scorpion pops "out of place" at the lake (rarely happens). If that happens, move to the other camp or suicide pull the scorpion out of the room. WSNM camp will have occasional AFP.
Quicksand Caves Spider
Sand Lizard
56: West Altepa D-11
59: West Altepa G-6
2 parties. Level difference of mobs by zone. Echo Drops required. WHM required. Testimony mobs (BLM/PLD/RNG/WAR).
58-62 Valley of Sorrows Velociraptor
Either cave leading to Cape Teriggan 2 parties. Perytons do not sleep.
58-62 Upper Delkfutt's Tower Bats
Magic Pot.
Between 11th and 12th floors 1 party. Beware of magic sensitive mobs. Testimony mobs (RDM/BST/WAR/MNK/RNG). Monks recommended for magic pots.
58-63 Davoi Tier 7 Orcs Village Hall 2 parties. Coffer key dropping mobs. Testimony mobs. More inside the cavern.
58-63 Beadeaux Tier 7 Quadav 4-door room. 1 party. Carby pulling strongly recommended. Echo drops and silent oils required to reach camp. Coffer key and PLD/WAR/THF/BLM testimony mobs. *This camp sucked for EXP even at lvl 58, slow kills and bad exp.
58-61 Castle Zvahl Baileys Ahriman
3rd tier Kindred
Corner rooms in underground 1 party. Coffer key dropping mobs. DRK/SAM/BLM/SMN/WAR testimony mobs.
58-62 Wajaom Woodlands Wajaom Tiger Near Al Zahbi 1 party. Use colibris as chain fillers. Fomor at night will detect job abilities. /whm.


Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
60-64 Aydeewa Subterrane Defoliator
Treant Sapling*
Aydeewa Diremite
G-10 Wajaom
I-10 Wajaom
I-6 Wajaom
by BLU flag quest.
Melees should be on the upper end of the 60-64 range, especially against Diremites. Beware of slimes and/or chigoes at some of the camps. If mixing in Puktraps, do not use Poisona on the poison effect from crawlers because Puktraps use a sleepga-type move, Soporific. Saplings are slightly weaker mobs. A way to remove slow and the crawlers' defense boost are recommended.
60-64 Labyrinth of Onzozo Torama
Tier 7 Goblin
Ose camp Melees should be on the upper end of the 60-63 range, especially against Toramas. Silena and Paralyna recommended. Supports 2 parties.
60-62 Pso'Xja Dire Bat
Frost Lizard
F-7 tower Basement 2 Oils and powders required. Hug right path. Uncapped zone.
60-64 Uleguerand Range Nival Raptor J-10/I-9 area Oils and powders required. 3 to 5 camps. Mages must /whm.
60-64 Wajaom Woodlands Puk
Aht Urhgan Attercop
Arrowburn recommended. Avoid the morbols, although there are spots were puks can safely be pulled too.
61-65 Sea Serpent Grotto Greatclaw
Behind Gold Beastcoin Door
WSNM spot
Camp behind the gold door if possible, going deeper in towards the pond just west of Zuug camp. Roaming party possible. Water Elemental Danger, but only if you go towards WSNM spot. WSNM camp will require a Sahagin Key to access.
63-67 Bhaflau Thickets Date Eruca
F/G-8 (Halvung zone)
F-9 (Watchtower)
Eruca much stronger on Firesday. Arrowburn recommended on Colibri, as black mages are crippled. Melee should be closer to 63-64 on Colibri. Halvung camp is the only one with Eruca and Trolls. A way to remove slow and the crawlers' defense boost are recommended. Barfira highly recommended.
63-65 Cape Teriggan Sand Cockatrice Center of map Watch for slightly weaker raptors and goblins. Stona highly recommended.
63-65 Attohwa Chasm Tracker Antlion
Trench Antlion
F-6 Near Boneyard Gully. Sneak required to reach camp. Pullers must be aware of poisonous flower. Erase highly recommended.
64-67 Boyahda Tree Steelshell
Water Elemental*
Cloister of Storms
Blood Ball room
West Waterfall
Sneak required. During Water Elemental season, use West Waterfall camp for Crabs and pull crawlers to land in Blood Ball room. Manaburn parties, however, should have no trouble with elementals. A Dispel-type ability is highly recommended for both crawlers and crabs, a way to remove slow is recommended.
64-67 Ru'Aun Gardens Flamingo
Around various islands blunt damage very helpful against Sprinklers, and party members should be around 65-66 before pulling them.
64-68 Wajaom Woodlands Carmine Eruca
C-8/D-8 One party. Do not camp at Halvung zoneline but just to the east or north. Trolls are RNG-WAR-DRK-MNK. A way to remove slow and the crawlers' defense boost are recommended. Barfira highly recommended.
65-69 Mount Zhayolm Magmatic Eruca
Sicklemoon Jagil
Assassin Fly
Eruca stronger during Fire weather (rare occurrence) and firesday. Level difference by what zone you camp. Pugils, Crabs, and Flies on the 2 western camps. Party should be on the upper end of 66-68 range for the flies. Supports 4 parties. Beware of the slightly stronger Phasma at night, and for NM Eruca at westernmost camp. A way to remove slow and the crawlers' defense boost are recommended. Barfira highly recommended.
65-69 Halvung Magmatic Eruca
zone to Thickets Eruca stronger during Fire weather and Firesday. A way to remove slow and the crawlers' defense boost are recommended. Barfira highly recommended.
65-67 Arrapago Reef Fomor Cutter BC Take the zone in Dvucca Isle that leads to the Cutter. Camp on the docks by the cutter. 16 minutes to kill 8 fomor. Fomor's Drown effect is quite strong, but has a short duration. Supports only 1 party.
65-68 Mamook Hunting Raptor
Mamool Ja
E-12 Wajaom zone Avoid Mamool Ja Mimickers [BLU]. Beware of any NM Mamool Jas that may pop in the area.
65-71 Pso'Xja Purgatory Bat
Frost Lizard
Aura Pot
F-7 tower Basement 2 or 3 Oils and powders required. Hug right path. Pots are weaker while Diremites the stronger. Erase recommended as the slow effect caused by Filamented Hold will overwrite Haste
65-69 Den of Rancor Stygian Pugil
Doom Toad
Cloister of Tides Oils and powders required to safely get there. Paintbrush of Souls key item needed by any one party member to open the entrance to Den of Rancor. Blindna and Erase recommended.
67-71 Den of Rancor Tormentor
Yhoator Jungle zone Mostly the lizards, but take care of the occasional, out of place Puck. Stona highly recommended, as the monsters can cause petrify. Supports 1 party.
67-70 Ve'Lugannon Palace Weapons Oils and powders required, with emphasis on oils. Non-magic pull only.
67-71 Bhaflau Thickets Marid
Marid's Chigoe
Initially you will chain off the chigoes spawned off the Marids. Preferred pt setup is NIN, THF, BLM (or SAM), PLD, BRD, RDM. Once chigoe pops the pld vokes it backwards (still engaged to Marid), and either BLM uses Blizzard III or SAM uses a weaponskill on the chigoe to kill it. Starting at 71, however, Marids should be chained. Chigoes don't always give XP.
67-71 Wajaom Woodlands Marid
Marid's Chigoe
I-7 See above.
67-70 Gustav Tunnel Demonic Pugil
Ungur/Taxim camps Sneak and Invisible required, with emphasis on sneak once past goblin room. blunt damage is extremely effective.
67-70 Boyahda Tree Darter
Bark Tarantula
Blood Ball Room
Dragon's Aery zone
West Waterfall
Use crawlers or crabs to fill in chains. Beware of Water Elemental season. A method of curing Slow recommended against the spidersas the slow effect caused by Spider Web will overwrite haste. Access to an area-of-effect cure is recommended as the Korrigans use an area-of-effect sleep ability and Darters use Cursed Sphere.
67-70 Dragon's Aery Darter
Bark Tarantula
Lake Take care if HNM is due up. A method of curing Slow recommended against the spidersas the slow effect caused by Spider Web will overwrite haste. Access to an area-of-effect cure is Darters use Cursed Sphere.
67-70 Uleguerand Range Nightmare Bats Bearclaw Pinnacle camp (north zone) Oils and powders required. Moving party suggested. Mobs are underground.
68-71? Caedarva Mire
(Dvucca Isle)
Ephramadian Shade G-11 Shades are Fomor.
68-72 Newton Movalpolos Purgatory Bat
second tier goblins and moblins
Near Mine Shafts Moblins here may be grouped together and considered in the same party, in such instances, it is impossible to pull one without aggroing the others, thus a reliable Sleep ability is highly recommended.
68-72 Cape Teriggan Greater Manticore Cloister of Gales
Northern Valley of Sorrows
Beware of NM by Valley of Sorrows. May have to use Goblins (in tunnel) or Cockatrices as chain fillers. Ninja tank recommended. Mages should keep a large distance from the melee as manticores may cause a Max MP Down effect. Stona recommended when fighting cockatrice.
69-75 Kuftal Tunnel Tiger
below Rock Melees should be upper end of level range. Cockatrices and Wyverns still VT-IT at 75. Stona recommended when fighting cockatrice. Paralyna and Silena recommended when fighting wyverns.
69-73 Ro'Maeve Weapons
Behind moon gate
Pot WSNM area
Oils and powders required (emphasis on oils). Moongate Pass key item required by any one member of the party to enter the back area of Ro'Maeve Non-magic pull only. Beware of pops.


Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
Mamook Sea Puk
74: Mamool Ja (True Sight)
74: Watch Wyvern
G-9 Map 1
H-10 Map 1
J-8 Map 2
F-8 Map 1
I-9 Map 2
H-8 Map 2
Once you get through a few early Mamool Ja to reach map 2, you got a choice of several mobs to chain on. Supports 4 parties. I-9 Map 2 has a NM that pops on lower level, but as long you remain on upper level you should not have to worry about it. All mobs on 16 minute repops. Party members must be at least level 74 for Mamool Jas and Wyverns. Stationary merit parties should try to work their way to the H-8 Map 2 camp (small room where only 2 spinners pop and pulls can be done in either direction); roaming parties will find other two map 2 camps attractive. If Mamook has the Astral Candescence, at least 2 or 3 Map 3 camps will become available to roaming parties.
Bhaflau Thickets
(Mamool Ja Staging Point)
Sea Puk
74: Mamool Ja
74: Skoffin
3 parties. Party members must be at least level 74 (including Bards) for Mamool Jas and Skoffins. Beware of Fang Rush.
72-75 Bhaflau Thickets
(Tandjana Islet)
74: Mamool Ja
72: Greater Colibri
74: Wivre
F-6 (3 levels) 3-5 parties. Tandjana Islet is reached via Nyzul Isle Staging Point. Top level has Mamool Ja, middle and lower levels have Colibri and Wivre. Wivres are often manaburned, usually in a duo or trio via Sleep + Nuke.
67-75 Caedarva Mire
(Azouph Isle East)
Heraldic Imp
Spongilla Fly
~4 parties. Attack Imps from behind. Jnuns do not aggro during the daylight hours. Beware of Water Elemental pop around the Jnuns.
71-75 Caedarva Mire
(Dvucca Isle)
Lamia Idolater
Heraldic Imp
staging point Idolater is actually a Qutrub, good for a SC/MB party. Watch out for Skeleton and Ghost aggro. Due to lack of Imps at the main camp, Jnuns can be used to as an secondary option.
73-75 Caedarva Mire
(Azouph Isle West)
Elder Treant
Heraldic Imp
F-9 Saplings will link with Treants, but are Easy Prey. There are only 3 imp spawns at this camp. Treants are weak to slashing-type weapons, making Rampage-burn parties very powerful here.
72-75 Lufaise Meadows Abraxas
Tavnazian Ram
J-8 2 parties. All members must have completed COP Chapter 1. Thief puller required (Hide is necessary to ditch uninvited birds, as they will not sleep) (Susceptible to Lullaby). Ninja tank strongly recommended against Rams.
72-75 King Ranperre's Tomb Undead Map 2 (Hidden Room or southern path) 2 parties. Monk or Manaburn party recommended. If the southern path (used by roaming parties) is taken, you may encounter scorpions.
73-75 Uleguerand Range Kindred
King Buffalo*
Go counterclockwise around the zone and don't fall in any holes. Buffalo only at G-8 camp and manaburn recommended for them. Mages must /whm, and everyone should bring Holy Water.
73-75 Mount Zhayolm Ebony Pudding I-7 Manaburn only. Cast Metal Plate required.
73-75 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Decorative Weapon
Aura Weapon
Aura Statue
Aura Pot
Main Entrance
Celestial Nexus
Ulli camp
Olla camp
1 party per camp. /WHM and Ninja Tank for Statues. Monk party for pots. Ranged pull only. Oils and powders required, with emphasis on oils.
74-75 Mount Zhayolm Hilltrolls
Watch out for Earth Elementals. Ranged pull only on Wamouras. Wamouras should be manaburned if possible (they move very slowly and can be aspired). Cast Metal Plate required. Party members should be on a constant lookout for pops when fighting trolls (mostly RNG/DRK/RDM/WAR trolls; the other trolls are seldom engaged). This camp is more for the balanced party (with darkness or distortion skillchain), some camp on upper levels, others camp closer to the Wamouras.
71-75 Caedarva Mire
(Hediva Isle)
Heraldic Imp
75: Soulflayer
I-7 Map 4 (just west of HNM camp in a long narrow pathway not on map)
H-9 Map 4
Most of the time, the chaining will be on Imps. Despite the detection behaviors, the aggro range of the Soulflayers is small and a ranged puller can easily pull around them (there is much higher chance of bard getting soulflayer aggro from pulling with elegy because bard must be closer to the Imp than a ranged puller). A bard is essentially required along with a Blue Mage or Dark Knight for Stun, as Soulflayers cannot be silenced and will use -ga III and single target IV spells. Mages must sub white mage for erase, paralyna, and blindna. If you head to the I-7 camp, you will likely have to lullaby the imps that you encounter, the Soulflayers are spread out and easily avoided. Soulflayers will resist Dispel and Sleep but not Finale and Lullaby. This camp is only accessible via Nyzul Isle staging point. Most parties won't be able to deal with Soulflayers, so be prepared to zone their aggro. A good party should be able to get constant chain 4 or 5 off imps but rarely any higher than that.
74-75 Halvung Trolls (True Sight)
3rd map @ BC
2nd map by jail cells
3rd map Camp only available if Halvung has control of AC. Most of the chaining will be on trolls. Cast Metal Plate is required to use G-7 zone into Halvung from Mt. Zhayolm to access second map camp.
74-77 Misareaux Coast Seaboard Vulture J-8, J-6, G-7 3 or 4 parties.


Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
80-82 Ranguemont Pass Giant Bat
Beaucedine Zone
Evil Weapon area
Center of Map
The mobs are mostly Giant Bats with the occasional BST/RNG/BLM/WAR goblin mobs. Ahirman type do exist in the path. Camp best used "roaming" with melee build parties. Beaucedine zone has a convenient grounds tome.
89+ Fei Yin Bat
Magic Pot
northeast circle rooms (first map) Bats are north of the Magic Pots in the circle rooms on Map 1. Nicely grouped together (bring crowd control measures), and VT-IT at 90. The Magic Pots are located in that large room and IT at 90. Monk parties recommended for the pots, piercing weapons for the bats.
89+ Garliage Citadel Bat
Warden Beetle
Basement Mostly VT-IT mobs. Take care about undead and bombs. Ranged pull only.
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