«FFXI-Movie» Excalibur

«FFXI-Movie» Excalibur

Game Script

Excalibur - Dragon's Aery
You hear a voice from out of nowhere...

???: Thou hast found me.

???: I have now thrice shown my true form in this world.

???: A moment...

Kilhwch: ...
What has happened to me?

Kilhwch: I see, you are the sword's new owner?

Kilhwch: Well, this is most encouraging!
A master of swordplay such as yourself should have no trouble wielding Excalibur.

Kilhwch: When the world lies in chaos, this blade appears before the one meant to wield it.
It is yours...
Restore order to Vana'diel!

Kilhwch: And now I, too, can rest unburdened...

???: ...

???: Thou art blessed this day.

???: Henceforth, I shall be thy blade.
For the sake of thy companions, for justice in this world, wield my power in the name of honor...

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