Start NPC Rodeupansat - Crawlers' Nest (S) (J-7)
Requirements Level 30
Key ItemBrass Ribbon of Service
Items Needed Key ItemEvil Warding Seal
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Recall-Jugner


  • Talk to Rodeupansat at (J-7) of Crawlers' Nest (S) to receive an Key ItemEvil Warding Seal.
    • He is easily located by teleporting via Campaign Arbiter to Crawlers' Nest (S) and then going through the north pathway at I-9/I-8 of the the center room.
    • From the main entrance, head south at Tucker and run through the brewery, taking the north-eastern most path. Behind the Wooden Gate you will find Rodeupansat.
    • Make sure that you have a valid Brass Ribbon of Service, and that it has not expired, otherwise the NPC will not allow you to start the quest.
  • Go to the tower in Vunkerl Inlet (S) at (D-11) and click on the ??? on the back side on a boarded up window.
    • Watch out for Ignis Djinn, which aggro both sight and magic.
      • If you are soloing this quest and the ??? is surrounded by djinn (it is likely to be), do your best to examine the ??? as soon as possible. If you get aggro, examining the ??? will de-aggro the djinn.
  • When you check the ???, the seal will be "lost".
  • Return to Rodeupansat in Crawlers' Nest (S) to complete the quest.

Game Description

Rodeupansat (Crawlers' Nest (S))
Take Rodeupansat's evil warding seal and attach it to the southwestern tower at Vunkerl Inlet (S) in order to cleanse the area of evil.