Start NPC Magephaud - Norg (I-8)
Requirements Killed at least one Tonberry
Norg reputation level 2
Items Needed Gold Beastcoin x 3
Title Granted Honorary Doctorate, Majoring in Tonberries
Repeatable Only the The Tonberry Priest portion
Reward KeyItemTonberry Key


Optional: The Tonberry Priest


Temple of Uggalepih

This can be done any number of times once you have the KeyItemTonberry Key.
  • In the Temple of Uggalepih, open the door at (F-11).
  • The Tonberry Priest inside offers to clear your Tonberry rancor to minimize the damage done by Everyone's Grudge and other Tonberry rancor-based attacks.
    • The priest asks for a price of 250 to 6000 gil, depending on the intensity of your Tonberry rancor.

Game Description

Magephaud (Next to the central staircase, Norg)
Bring back three gold beastcoins if you want to learn how to rid yourself of the Tonberries' rancor.
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