Located on the barge during the routes from North Landing to Central Landing, and from South Landing to Central Landing via the Emfea Waterway.

Game Script

When speaking to him: <Sigh> Are we there yet?

From North Landing to Central Landing

Today we will be taking the main canal to Central Landing. I have nothing better to do, so I will be your guide.

Ah, feel the crisp breeze waft up off the crystal waters. I hear the fish swimming in these currents are some of the most delicious in all Vana'diel!

There is a fork in the canal up ahead. We shall be using the route to the right, but I wonder where the canal would take us if we continued straight...

Not only fish can be caught in this area. If you are lucky, you might be able to reel in a couple of scrumptious lizards.

Oh, it looks like we are almost to Central Landing. It has been fun, but I must hurry home and water my plants before they all dry up, kupo!

From South Landing to Central Landing via the Emfea Weaterway

Hey, everyone. We'll be traveling the Emfea Waterway today. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to ask you to take care of any monsters that have decided to hop aboard, as to have forgotten my sword at home.

Due to the close proximity of Newtpool and the abundance of insects, you will find that these waters are quite packed with tiny amphibians.

If we turned right, we would end up on the main canal. However, today we will be taking a much narrower route.

Ah, Emfea. The variety of life in these waters does not cease to astound me. Just be careful not to reel in something deadly...

That bridge does look awfully dangerous. I wonder if there are any plans to repair it.

This part of the canal is overrun with newts and frogs. I doubt there is even room down there for a single fish!

Ah, I see we are about to arrive at Central Landing. How time flies when taking in the lovely scenery!

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