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Recent changes

August 2012

This was a gear guide for NIN at 75 - it was supposed to be something anyone could aspire to. Obviously it won't be updated with new gear. Otherwise, enjoy what is effectively a history lesson.

I'm reverting this guide to my original purpose, please see the talk page for more info.

What no NIN gear guide?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Instead you have a list of all the possible gear that a NIN can wear. Awesome...

So, in the vein of this great guide, I decided to start a guide for NIN covering what special gear you really should have. By special I mean something with a worthwhile stat bonus, not just the next possible upgrade.

The aim of the guide is to help you gear your NIN with confidence from about 15-75. If you want to get into serious endgame tanking and HNMs you will need more specialised gear than listed here.

Likewise, "career" Ninjas might want to go that bit further and spend that bit more time and money. This guide isn't really aimed at you; this isn't meant to be a complete list of the very best gear. In fact, most of the very best gear isn't even mentioned. However, if you're interested in the very best gear you probably have your own opinions about what is and isn't the very best gear.

Remember this is a guide; depending on your race or play style you might prefer different gear but this is a pretty good start!

This guide should get you to 75 with a strong starting point. Where you go from there is up to you.


Red Hands, Blue Boots and Iron Rams

If you don't have time to get the uber hands (Ochimusha Kote / Ochiudo's Kote / Horomusha Kote) and/or uber feet (Sarutobi Kyahan / Fuma Kyahan), you'll need to go with the Iron Ram Chainmail Set. The more pieces of this set you wear the bigger the bonus, so the benefits of wearing an individual piece are limited. If you do have the pimp hands and feet, skip the Iron Ram gear.

Fourth Set

Fourth Haube Set could provide a very respectable, complete armour set for NIN or WS set. However, you do need to wear pretty much the whole set for the big bonuses. Also, unless you have the means to collect around 255,000 AN Allied Notes at a significant rate (i.e. a 75 melee job) it will take a long time to get the whole set!

NQ vs. HQ

I'll only list NQ versions of gear and not HQ. While HQ is almost always better, it's often amazingly rare and stupidly expensive. If you can afford it, craft it, borrow it or even steal it then by all means do. Of note, however, there are a few items mentioned that are HQ, and these items are not expensive. Additionally, the Bone/Beetle +1 items only provide their beneficial stat if they are the HQ version.

Mission Rewards

If your main job is Ninja, you'll know which to pick, so I left them out. Here's a list though: Suppanomimi, Rajas Ring (maybe Sattva Ring), Mirke Wardecors, Ethereal Earring (maybe Hollow Earring), and Ulthalam's Ring (maybe Balrahn's Ring). But, these are your choices to make, and if Ninja isn't your only 75, you'll have some decisions to make.

The Guide

Below is a list of recommended gear per slot. Rare/Ex gear is in italics. Gear marked with "Haste", "WS", "Ninjutsu", or "Enmity" should generally be macroed-in as necessary. Gear marked "TP/WS" can be used to gain TP and to WS. Gear with *** is an item that needs a that little bit more time or money to achieve but is well worth it.













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