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We all know Escape. No doubt this little spell has helped you and your party out on many occasions. But this spell can't be cast in every area. So, in what areas can Escape be useful to prevent an entire party from a need to get raised? And when can Escape be used to take a shortcut through an area? This was a question I found at the discussion page of Escape, and since I couldn't find one, I made one.

There are some Escape areas I tried out, and some I knew by heart. But there are some areas that still need to be tested. Some of them I can't reach yet, so their destinations might not be accurate. If you spot any mistakes, feel free to contact me, or edit this guide.

~ Eirwen 23:37, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

I wish there were more useful shortcut options...


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Fort Ghelsba West Ronfaure (E-4)
Yughott Grotto West Ronfaure (E-4)
Ghelsba Outpost West Ronfaure (E-4)
Bostaunieux Oubliette West Ronfaure (F-8) Access Chateau d'Oraguille, enter the Oubliette, and end up not far from the Outpost. Good way to get closer to La Theine Plateau if you're low on gil.
King Ranperre's Tomb East Ronfaure (H-12)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Castle Zvahl Keep Xarcabard (G-7/G-8)
Castle Zvahl Baileys Xarcabard (G-7/G-8)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Davoi Jugner Forest (G-12)
Monastic Cavern Jugner Forest (G-12)
The Eldieme Necropolis Batallia Downs (F-8) Possible shortcut to Jugner Forest


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Ranguemont Pass East Ronfaure (K-4)
Pso'Xja Beaucedine Glacier (E-11) If you're above level 40, this could be a slightly quicker route back to Ranguemont Pass, but not noteworthy.
Fei'Yin Beaucedine Glacier (J-4)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Crawlers' Nest Rolanberry Fields (F-13)
Qulun Dome
Beadeaux Pashhow Marshlands (K-11)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Delkfutt's Tower Qufim Island (F-6)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Ve'Lugannon Palace
Shrine of Ru'Avitau


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Dragon's Aery
The Boyahda Tree The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (K-12)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Garlaige Citadel Sauromugue Champaign (H-10) If you, for some reason, use the Cavernous Maw to get from Sauromugue Champaign (S) to Sauromugue Champaign, this is the best way to get past Banishing Gate 3 and to the Entrance.
Altar Room
Castle Oztroja Meriphataud Mountains (L-8)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Labyrinth of Onzozo Buburimu Peninsula (K-6)
Maze of Shakhrami Tahrongi Canyon (K-5) Possible faster way to get from Mhaura to Crag of Mea.


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Toraimarai Canal East Sarutabaruta (J-7) Entering this place through Windurst Walls saves a bit on walking.
Inner Horutoto Ruins East Sarutabaruta (J-7) Fast way to get from West Sarutabaruta (Entrance at J-8) to the East of East Sarutabaruta.
Giddeus West Sarutabaruta (F-8)
Outer Horutoto Ruins East Sarutabaruta (J-7) Fast way to get from West Sarutabaruta (Entrance at J-8) to the East of East Sarutabaruta.
Full Moon Fountain East Sarutabaruta (J-7)

Elshimo Uplands

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Temple of Uggalepih Yhoator Jungle (?-?) Exclamation
Den of Rancor Yhoator Jungle (J-11)
Ifrit's Cauldron Yhoator Jungle (?-?) Exclamation

Elshimo Lowlands

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Sea Serpent Grotto Yuhtunga Jungle (E-11) Exclamation


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Dangruf Wadi South Gustaberg (D-9) Exclamation
Palborough Mines North Gustaberg (K-3) Exclamation
Korroloka Tunnel Zeruhn Mines (H-7) Combined with Teleport-Altep, this is a fast way to get to Bastok.


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Newton Movalpolos
Oldton Movalpolos North Gustaberg (K-6) When coming from Konschtat Highlands, this is great for quick access to Palborough Mines and Port Bastok.


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Quicksand Caves Eastern Altepa Desert (J-8) Quick way to get from Western Altepa Desert to Korroloka Tunnel.


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Kuftal Tunnel Western Altepa Desert (H-4) Exclamation
Gustav Tunnel Valkurm Dunes (B-8)


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Gusgen Mines Konschtat Highlands (L-7)
Ordelle's Caves La Theine Plateau (F-7) Exclamation

Tavnazian Archipelago

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Sacrarium Misareaux Coast (G-4) Exclamation
Sealion's Den
Riverne - Site B01 Misareaux Coast (D-6) Exclamation
Riverne - Site A01 Misareaux Coast (D-6) Exclamation
Phomiuna Aqueducts Misareaux Coast (K-7) Lazy way to get to Lufaise Meadows.


Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Promyvion - Holla Hall of Transference
Promyvion - Mea Hall of Transference
Promyvion - Dem Hall of Transference
Promyvion - Vahzl

Mamool Ja Savagelands

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Aydeewa Subterrane Wajaom Woodlands (I-6) When coming from Mamook or when in Bhaflau Thickets, you can enter Aydeewa Subterrane and use Escape to head to Wajaom Woodlands I-6 in no time. You'll be at Aht Urhgan in no time.
Mamook Wajaom Woodlands (E-12) Fast way to get to the South-Western entrances to Aydeewa Subterrane, just a little north of where you end up after Escaping. Can be combined with the Escape route from Aydeewa Subterrane to get back to town.
Mamool Ja Training Grounds

Halvung Territory

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Lebros Cavern
Halvung Mount Zhayolm (L-7) Handy if you don't have the Runic Portal here yet.

Arrapago Islands

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Arrapago Reef Caedarva Mire Azouph Isle (I-6) Safest way to avoid the Imps at (J-7) - (K-8)

Ruins of Alzadaal

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Bhaflau Thickets (F-6)

Unknown Region

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
La Vaule (S) Jugner Forest (S) (G-12)
Everbloom Hollow
Ghoyu's Reverie
Castle Zvahl Keep (S)
Castle Zvahl Baileys (S)
Ruhotz Silvermines
Beadeaux (S) Pashhow Marshlands (S) (K-11)
Castle Oztroja (S) Meriphataud Mountains (S) (L-8)

The Aragoneu Front

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Garlaige Citadel (S) Sauromugue Champaign (S) (H-10)

The Norvallen Front

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Batallia Downs (S) (F-9) Possible shortcut, and safe way to get to Jugner Forest (S) after NPC teleport and a short walk to the southern entrance to The Eldieme Necropolis (S). Exclamation

The Derfland Front

Casting Area Destination Shortcut
Crawlers' Nest (S) Rolanberry Fields (S) (F-13)
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