Upon first examining an Ergon Locus you get a message that says the name of the locus and that "it would be a good idea to investigate further."


Ergon Locus Location Closest Transport
Flourishing Island Ceizak Battlegrounds (K-10) Bivouac #1
Bud of the Swarm Ceizak Battlegrounds (I-8) Bivouac #2
Luminous Isle Yahse Hunting Grounds (K-8) Frontier Station , Requires "Watercrafting"
Immutable Boulder Yahse Hunting Grounds (F-6) Bivouac #2
Immaculate Sands Foret de Hennetiel (J-11) Bivouac #2
Fruit of Fecundity Foret de Hennetiel (F-5) Bivouac #1
Dragon Driftwood Foret de Hennetiel (E-11) Bivouac #4
Torchbloom Foret de Hennetiel (K-7) Frontier Station
Spring of Prosperity Morimar Basalt Fields (E-6) Bivouac #4 , Requires "Watercrafting"
Snowdrift Arbor Morimar Basalt Fields (K-6) Bivouac #1
Frostbloom Morimar Basalt Fields (H-6) Bivouac #2
Prominence of the Gales Sih Gates (J-11) Requires "Watercrafting"
Lake of Light Sih Gates (K-7)
Sweltering Spring Moh Gates (K-6)
Prominence of the Flames Moh Gates (K-10) Requires "Climbing"
Sanctum of Life Cirdas Caverns (E-9)
Prominence of the Soil Cirdas Caverns (M-9)
Pool of Clarity Yorcia Weald (G-6) Bivouac #1
Bryophitic Boulder Yorcia Weald (I-8) Frontier Station
Overgrown Grove Yorcia Weald (K-10) Bivouac #2
Whitewater Arbor Marjami Ravine (H-11) Bivouac #2
Bud of the Fragrant Breeze Marjami Ravine (K-5) Frontier Station
Crag of the Triumvirate Marjami Ravine (D-8) Bivouac #4
Prominence of the Ripple Dho Gates (E-10)
Saliferous Spring Dho Gates (G-12)
Loch of Flux Kamihr Drifts (J-8) Frontier Station
Lambent Pillar Kamihr Drifts (J-11) Frontier Station
Crystalline Claw Kamihr Drifts (G-11) Bivouac #2
Halcyon Icefall Woh Gates (H-5)
Prominence of the Rime Woh Gates (G-11)