The macro command "/equipset" specifies sets of equipment that will be equipped via a single command. With this feature, players may change multiple pieces of equipment at once. It is possible to register 100 different equipment sets, with that number potentially increasing in future version updates.

  • There are 5 pages of twenty sets each, totaling 100 equipment sets available. These additional sets are accessed via left and right cursor arrow keys on a PC keyboard.

Editing Equipment Sets

Sets may be registered and edited from the "Edit Equip. Set" submenu under "Edit Macro" in the main menu.


  • Editing

Pieces of equipment can be registered to a set, or ones within a set can be edited, by body part via the same interface as the Equipment screen. It is also possible to specify whether to remove a piece of equipment or keep it in the set.


Body part slots for which players wish to have equipment removed will be marked with an "X," while pieces to remain in a set will have no markings.

Applicable Equipment

In order to register pieces of equipment, they must be stored with one of the following systems.

  • Inventory
  • Mog Safe
  • Storage
  • Mog Locker
  • Mog Satchel
  • Mog Sack
  • Mog Case
  • Mog Wardobe
  • Mog Wardrobe 2
  • Mog Wardrobe 3
  • Mog Wardrobe 4

In order to equip them, they must be stored in Inventory or any of the Mog Wardrobe storage areas.

  • Change Name

Name the equipment set.

  • Copy

Copies the contents of the specified equipment.

  • Paste

Pastes the copied content

  • Delete

Deletes the specified set.

  • Use Current

Overwrites the content of the specified set with that of the equipment worn.

  • Equipping Different Sets

Players are able to equip different sets by either selecting them from the applicable submenu or with the /equipset command.

  • /equipset [Set Number] [subcommand]

Equips a designated set of gear. >>Set Number (1 – 100) Equips the armor and weapons registered to the specified set.

>>Subcommand echo 
Displays text that results from executing the command. Does not display resultant text if no subcommand is specified.

For example, to equip gear registered to Set 1, input: /equipset 1