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Equipment Scaling allows for players to wear gear beyond that allowed under level restrictions. This applies not only to the Level Sync system, but also to level restrictions brought about by entry into battlefields, assaults, Ballista and so on. Though the level of gear will no longer play a role in determining whether or not it may be equipped, level restrictions will cause statistics and effects to be adjusted.

Further, gear changes may be made as normal while the level restriction is in place, given that the player is able to equip that gear on their actual level.

Items consumed through usage of the beastmaster ability "Call Beast" are determined by the character's level after the level restriction is in place.
The Puppetmaster ability "Repair" will not function if the level of the equipped automaton oil is above that of the level restriction.
For instance, Automaton Oil +2(50) will not work when level synced to 49, but Automaton Oil(15) and Automaton Oil +1(30) will.

Attributes Affected

Damage / Defense / HP / MP / Status (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) / Accuracy / Attack / Ranged Accuracy / Ranged Attack / Magic Accuracy / Magic Attack / Evasion / Enmity / Healing HP / Healing MP

The above attributes will be adjusted to the level of the character after the level restriction is in place, while all other attributes will become invalid. Also, negative attributes will not be adjusted, but will retain the same value.

  • Certain statistics for specific equipment slots may be totally negated, regardless of level.
  • Damage ratings of weapons will be indirectly affected by attack speed ratings, while defense values will be indirectly affected by the character's main job.
  • Item text will not reflect changes to attributes imposed by level restrictions.
  • Augments or Latent Effects do not work under level sync.