Ephemeral Moogle.png
Ephemeral Moogle
Crystal Storage


Storing Crystals

1. The first time you visit an Ephemeral Moogle, speak to him and hear what he has to say.
2. Trade crystals or clusters to the Ephemeral Moogle.
  • Crystals count as one crystal, while clusters count as 12.
  • The trade will be cancelled if it would put total crystals of a given element at more than 5,000.
  • More than one type of crystal can be traded at once.
  • Quantity of crystals currently stored can be viewed from the Currencies list on the Status menu.

Withdrawing Crystals

1. Speak with the Ephemeral Moogle and ask to have crystals returned to you.
2. The moogle will inquire as to which element you would like. Select the appropriate one.
3. Designate the number you would like to receive or instruct the moogle to return as many as you can hold.
  • Clusters will be given instead of 12 crystals whenever possible.
  • You will not receive crystals if the number you designate would put you over the limit of free space in your inventory.
  • Selecting as many as you can carry will provide the player with stacks of clusters to fill their inventory, with the remaining slot being filled with any remaining crystals (11 or fewer).