«FFXI-Movie» 0081 RDM 2 - Enveloped in Darkness

«FFXI-Movie» 0081 RDM 2 - Enveloped in Darkness

Game Script

Enveloped in Darkness (pt.1) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Curilla: What is it? Have you something to say?

Curilla: People speak of my father's ghost? Not once has anyone mentioned this to me...

Curilla: But such a rumor troubles me, for it could be him.

Curilla: Tell me, would you please head to the cathedral and investigate?

Curilla: I would go myself, but I... I do not like that place. Of course I follow her teachings, but that place does not agree with me.

Curilla: In my younger days my fervent father often took me, but I never felt at home there.

Agree to help.

Curilla: Thank you. And here, take this.

Curilla: My father's watch. It came to a stop long before my father bequeathed it to me.

Curilla: He always maintained it well. If his spirit truly haunts the cathedral, it should recognize the old watch.

Enveloped in Darkness - Northern San d'Oria - Dialogue
Enveloped in Darkness - Northern San d'Oria
Pagisalis: Excellent. Now, pray to her. May she show you the way to Paradise.

A ghost in red armor walks up behind you.

???: Curilla? Is that you?

The ghost disappears.

Pagisalis: Are you all right?

Pagisalis: You are awake, at last! I an much relieved. Once you began to pray, you seemed... anguished.

Pagisalis: Who knows what they would say if you suddenly collapsed here? We are fortunate that you are well!

Pagisalis: Wait, what have you there? Plated boots of some sort. You had them not when came you hither...

Shamonde walks in.

Shamonde: What is all this?

Pagisalis: Why, Your Holiness!

Shamonde: Hmm, what business has this illustrious adventurer here?

You tell him what just happened.

Shamonde: What? You saw a ghost of a red mage--of Rainemard?

Shamonde: You say it is not a dream, that the dead give away boots? This is evil you speak!

Shamonde: Those boots! The spirit of Rainemand gave you them?

Shamonde: Hmm... No, it cannot be! Tell me, who bade you come and utter this blasphemy?

Shamonde: I will not be fooled so easily! Pray to Altana and beg for forgiveness!

Shamonde leaves.

Pagisalis: You have angered His Holiness! You had best leave, and reflect upon your trespasses!

Pagisalis: Come not hither again! Understood?

Enveloped in Darkness (part 2) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Curilla: A spirit of a red mage? Are you saying my father has returned? And he called my name!?

No... How could this be?

Curilla: The ghost gave you some old greaves in return for the watch, did he? Well, let me try putting them on.

Curilla: What? No, of course they're not cursed. You should place more trust in my judgment!

Curilla: How odd. I cannot don them. I sense something is preventing me from doing so.

Trion walks in on the banister above.

Trion: Are you there, Curilla?

Curilla: Yes, Prince Trion!

Trion: Oh, a guest. What is all this?

Curilla: You see, my lord...

Trion: What, you have a set of greaves that refuse to be worn? I've heard of that sort of thing before. Yes, they had to be taken to the Crawler's Nest to be exorcised.

Curilla: Prince Trion, may I have time to look into this?

Trion: I am sorry, Curilla, but you are summoned for service. The papsque has complained that the regions surrounding San d'Oria are patrolled to thinly. We must think of a plan.

Curilla: Yes, my lord...

Trion: I shall await you in my chambers. This is no time top tread through crawlers' lairs, mind you!

Trion leaves through the upper door.

Curilla: Yes...

Curilla turns back to you.

Curilla: A pity. I say, would you be inclined to take them to the Crawlers' Nest? They must be buried together with some Crawler Blood in the place where light shines.

Curilla: Of course, you may do with them as you please. But please, if you decide to go, come back and tell me how you fared. Even a little information could help solve the puzzle of my father's death.

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