Job Ability

  • The next Indicolure spell cast may target a party member and or Trusts.
  • Obtained: Geomancer Level 75
  • Recast Time: 10:00
  • Duration: 1:00


  • By giving your party member a Indicolure that player will be Enhanced on the choosing of the caster.
  • You can cast Entrust on yourself, but you will NOT get 3 different Indicolure spells. It will overwrite the current Indicolure spell.
  • Additional Geomancer will add more Indicolures to the party.
  • 1. Geomancer 3 Bubbles Geomancy, Indicolure, and Entrust. With another Geomancer 6 total Bubbles can be added and so forth with a total possibility of 18 Bubbles, if you have a full party of 6 Geomancers

Macros Syntax

  • /ja "Entrust" <me>

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